Where Architects Live

Total votes: 1949
Secondo Me

Secondo Me follows 3 cloakroom attendants at 3 European opera houses: Vienna State Opera, La Scala in Milan and Odessa Opera House.

SECONDO ME by Pavel Cuzuioc - TRAILER
Total votes: 1902
L'Ombra di Caino

On the night of November 5th, 2025, a child called Angela disappears.

Total votes: 1978
The Eel, the Weasel and the Vulture

Near an oak and a dried-up river, an eel, a weasel and a vulture meet. They talk to one another, but do not get along...

Total votes: 1656
They Will All Die in Space

The starship Tantalus drifts through space.

Total votes: 2860

'Forget About It.' is a dark comedy set in Italy and it explores the relationship between Robert (American) and his wife Maggie (Italian), whom suffers from

Total votes: 9801
Total votes: 1467
Looking for...

"Looking for..." short film by William Molducci, inspired by the novel "Se ho paura prendimi per mano" by Carla Vistarini - book publishe

Total votes: 658
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 47607
Barattolo di Sale / Salt Jar

An experimental pie

Total votes: 249
Il Sarto dei Tedeschi - The Tailor

July 1944.

Total votes: 526

A world-weary cowboy performs his ritualistic preparation for a monumental battle.

The Cowboy with rifle from RODEO KING (2016) Starring Jeff Mash
Total votes: 6853
The Chair

An ageing, forgotten chair remembers its more important, and glorious, past.

Total votes: 2571
Nobilitas Semper
In an eighteenth-century castle, four noble are seated at a table game, reconstructing the last hours of the life of their dear friend killed a few days ea
Total votes: 1003
Pita (Pita)

A young mother divides his life between home and work, providing to the needs of her daughter Pitawho suffer from autism.

Total votes: 2086
Il Tempo (Time)

Two parallel lives , slaves of the same tragic fate . Everything flows in a constant and uniform way , consuming the soul and matter of things.

Total votes: 670
Ci sono altre cose belle (Other beautiful things)

In winter, on the beach in an unknown seaside resort , three friends spend the last day of a short holiday .

Total votes: 503

Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M.

Total votes: 2139
Tattoo (Tattoo )

An old man is passionate about Tattoo art for a personal vendetta

Total votes: 710
Tearing love/L'amore che sbrana

L'amore che sbrana (Tearing love) is a documentary about violence against women.

Total votes: 1261

Marco is a model student and leader of a group of guys who are adrift.

Total votes: 819

Halibut talks about the human effort of looking for a sense.

Total votes: 2321
MAXIMUM QUOTA - Where clouds are born

The Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador also known as ‘Taita Chimborazo’, meaning "Father Chimborazo" stands as the highest peak o

Total votes: 2395

This documentary shows the lives and jobs of three people, all of them craftsmen.

Total votes: 265

The core of the film is the search for the truth with a capital 'T.' Two journalists in an hypnotic installation go back in time to the moment of creation.

Total votes: 439
Thank you for answering me

A mysterious message carried by a balloon sparks doubts, questions and an unexpected journey starting from Italy. Destination: the south of France.

Total votes: 690
Lu Paisi

Lu Paisi tells one year of life in

Total votes: 1955
Dolcezza Extrema

In an unspecified year in the future, the Captain Pixws and his space pirate crew are forced to deliver tanning showers to every corner of the universe.

Total votes: 2973
Doris & Hong

Hong, answered an ad for a room from Doris, arrives in Rome to start her life in Europe. It's her first time outside China. Everything is new.

Total votes: 615
Once We Were Rome

Rome's history told through the ritual of dressing a Roman legionary... once Rome were caput mundi, but now?

Total votes: 1272
Grado Mission

Missione Grado is a 2015 Italian documentary film directed by Carlo Christian Spano.

Total votes: 1487
The look on Venice

From the Grand Tour to the Belle Époque, from the period of mass tourism to the surreal emptiness of Piazza San Marco during lockdown and the pandemic, the c

Total votes: 2
Total votes: 16

A journalist used in a plot to assassinate a dissident suffers from a disorder in which she repeats words and phrases heard in the past.

Total votes: 20
And suddenly it's evening

This short film is a metaphor of life.

Total votes: 10
Bizzarro e Fantastico

The new Italian-language film from Writer/Director/Producer Kris Krainock; A Roman Everyman discovers a violently ill intruder on his sofa after returning fr

Total votes: 21
The Distance Between Us

Suddenly separated by 1500 km during Italy's emergency Covid 19 lockdown, middle-aged Chiara and Marcello’s attempts at video sex lead them to unex

Total votes: 20
Digital For Humanity - #SkillandoItalianTour

Digital For Humanity is a tribute to those who look in the mirror every morning and decide to do something for others.

Total votes: 13
Kiss - Future of a generation

Bacio - Il futuro di una generazione (Kiss - Future of a generation), set in a small Venetian town, Cittadella, tells about Lory a 25-year-old girl who immig

Total votes: 19

For 35 days in 1986, Radio Radicale in Italy began broadcasting uncensored messages left on the answering machine by its listeners.

You voted 2. Total votes: 11
Stromboli – as long as the heart beats

For many villagers of Stromboli, the volcano is both its Soul, and at the same time, a monster.

Total votes: 32
"Occhiali da Vista" - Official Musicvideo

The protagonists of this short story are two: some eyeglasses (yes) and a strange character (let's call him Claudio for convenience) who could probably n

Total votes: 13
The Encounter

Ana’s monotonous and vapid romantic life takes an unexpected turn when she finds a photo album, seemingly addressed to her.

photogram the encounter
Total votes: 499
EYES ( password on vimeo: eyes111 )

Characters of different age, ethnicity and social background constrained in a chaotic, prone to violence and consumerism society.

eyes. cortometraggio di maria laura moraci
Total votes: 438
Tomorrow and the Butterfly

A somehow artistic personality, Davide Bollati, chairman of Italian cosmetic company Davines, has got a peculiar vision of beauty industry: “How can you have

Total votes: 103


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