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L'Ombra di Caino


On the night of November 5th, 2025, a child called Angela disappears. Around this umpteenth case of disappearance will intertwine the lives and stories of a young inspector, Ada, a young woman in search of her little sister who disappeared many years before; and finally Eddi, a transsexual speaker of a late night radio programme.

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

“Cain’s Shadow” is set in the dialectics between violence and nonviolence,  proposing  a reflection on a real construction of meaning for the future.  Therefore, in a place and at a time when the frantic search for material wellbeing blinds man, denying him the chance to look towards the future; the intention is to develop an ethical conflict of generations that puts adults in comparison with what, by definition, we could define the generation of the future: children.  Intergenerational conflict: present and future. Investigating the meaning and intention of adults to build a future , leading to a reflection on the construction of tomorrow on an ethical basis.

Screenings / Awards: 


Bifest - Bari International Film Festival (world premiere - 03/04/2016) - Italy

49th WorldFest Huston Independent Film Festival (International Premiere, April 2016) - Usa

37th Durban International Film Festival (June, 2016) - South Africa

12th Indy Film Festival (July, 2016) - Usa

22th San Antonio Film Festival (July, 2016) - Usa

Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce (April, 2016) - Italy

Salento Finibus Terrae (July, 2016) - Italy

Figari Film Fest (June, 2016) - Italy

OtherMovie Lugano (June, 2016) - Switzerland

Ariano International Film Festival (August, 2016) - Italy

PalagianoinCorto (August, 2016) - Italy

Corti Etnaci Film Festival (July, 2016) - Italy

CasalCinema Film Festival (August, 2016) - Italy

Vicoli Corti (August, 2016) - Italy

15° Villammare Film Festival (August, 2016) - Italy

18° Videolab Film Festival (August, 2016) - Italy

4° Cervignano Film Festival (September, 2016) - Italy

36th Cambridge Film Festival (October, 2016) - UK

16° Kansas International Film Festival (November, 2016) - Usa

19° Arpa International Film Festival (November, 2016) - Usa

15° Great Lakes International Film Festival (September, 2016) – Usa

18° Zimbabwe International Film & Festival Trust (October, 2016) - Zimbabwe

5° Logan Film Festival (October, 2016) - USA

9° Lancaster International Short Film Festival (October, 2016) - Usa

Festival International du Film de Bruxelles (November, 2016) Belgium

Festival International de Cinema of the Autonomous University of Baja California (October, 2016) - Mexico

5° Winchester Short Film Festival (November, 2016) - UK

8° Italian Film & Art Festival Korea (November, 2016) - South Korea

19° Genova Film Festival (November, 2016) – Italy

10° Pentedattilo Film Festival (December, 2016) - Italy

Lebanon Short Film Festival (December. 2016) – Italy

Asti Film Festival (December, 2016) - Italy

Festival Sayulita (February, 2017) – Mexico

7° Prince of Prestige Academy Award (July, 2017) - Usa

Mostra del Cinema di Taranto (December, 2016) - Italy

18° Nevermore Film Festival ( February, 2016) – Usa

15° Garden State Film Festival (March, 2016) – Usa

39° Big Muddy Film Festival (February, 2016) – Usa

5 Cluj Shors International Film Festival ( April, 2016) - Romania

Roswell Film Festival (April, 2016) - Usa



49th WorldFest Huston Independent Film Festival (Special Jury Award);

Salento Finibus Terrae (Best Short);

Corti Etnaci Film Festival (Best Medium Lengh Film);

PalagianoinCorto  (Premio Giuria);

15°Villammare Film Festival (Best Medium Lenght Film);

6° Asti Film Festival (Best Actress);

Directed by: 
Antonio De Palo
Writing credits: 
Antonio De Palo
Valeria Solarino, Michele Venitucci, Giorgio Colangeli, Valentina Carnelutti, Lidia Vitale, Lino Guanciale
Produced by: 
Giuseppe Schettino, Giampietro Preziosa, Antonio De Palo
Music by: 
Giovanni Astorino
Cinematography by: 
Valerio Coccoli
Film Editing by: 
Dario Jurilli
Art Direction by: 
Francesco Arrivo
Costume Design by: 
Bianca Gervasio
Makeup Department: 
Miria Germano
Production Management: 
Giuseppe Schettino
Release Date: 
Monday, April 3, 2017
Official sites:
Total votes: 1965

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