Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

It’s just like the difference that exists between Fast Food and Slow Food: would you rather have a hamburger in 5 minutes, or a steak while sitting at a tabl

Total votes: 489
Black Italians

Second generation Italians share their thoughts on racism, police brutality and immigration in Italy.

Total votes: 93

The quiet life of a happily married couple is shaken by a night of erotic games and aphrodisiac foods.

Total votes: 127
There is a world outside

The world is waiting for him.

Total votes: 158

a story about a teen ager writers crew

Total votes: 128
The Angry Men

A family, crippled by debts, is faced with the repossession of their home. A bailiff is coming. In desperation, they threaten to blow it to pieces.

Total votes: 160

Sister Margherita had the opportunity to see and touch Jesus Christ but for some reason he decided to disappear, leaving her anguished and despaired.

Total votes: 147

Fully immersed in the sweltering heat of an apartment in the centre of Rome, Alex strives to detox from the sense of oppression imprinted by the society thro

Total votes: 199
Who Is The Superhero?

A trailer of a movie ever shoot.

Total votes: 233
My brother's voice

Francesca and Massimo, a young couple from a small rural town in the area around Rome, lost their only child, Riccardo, to a fatal accident.

Total votes: 114
Looking for the Truth

Three stories evolve without any apparent connection to time and space :- not much time is left for a guy to live and his friends visit him, probably for the

Total votes: 151
Murano The Unbearable Lightness of Glass

Six glass-masters talk about glass, art, inspiration, past and future of Murano; the message sent is that local art of glass is still strong.

Total votes: 66

SynopsisLudovico, a painter, is to have an anthological retrospective organise by an important Venetian foundation.

Total votes: 74
A Volatile Tale

Drawn as we are into myriads of digital contacts pausing at a window reveals that looking and listening makes you see what you would not see.

Total votes: 103
Colossale Sentimento

Rome 1630-1640. The sculptor Francesco Mochi creates the Baptism of Christ for the church of San Giovanni Battista de' Fiorentini in Rome.

Total votes: 99

Between four thick and cold walls, in the shelter of the sun heat, Valentina is waiting for her brother Dino. They’re going to spend Easter together.

Total votes: 162

Four kids. An abandoned villa. An unspeakable secret.

Total votes: 195
Sex Equo (sex in the foreground)

After disobeying God and having visited the site of 'forbidden fruits', Adam and Eve are trying to regain the lost Eden.

Total votes: 1901

In a remote house in the mountains, a package arrives from far away.The shaky hands of a blind lady unwraps a parcel.Inside a box, two objects; a small bottl

Total votes: 205
Wall of Dolls Against Femicide

'Wall of Dolls' is a documentary about the birth and history of a permanent installation in Milan (Italy), designed by the artist Jo Squillo, to enforce her

Total votes: 87
From the Dust

A bitter fable about time, illusions and cruelty, inspired by traditional folk legends.

Total votes: 84
Once I Will be child

Imagine clocks stop in time, happily amazed at that time when we were kids, that time of our lives where every second, every decision, every meeting becomes

Total votes: 186
Wall of Dolls

Jo Squillo is an Italian journalist, singer and song writer.Her career began in the music world, in which she proved to be very cutting edge, bringing to Ita

Total votes: 120

Aurora e Nicolas: two very different loners meet through a social network.

Total votes: 114
'Gianni Berengo Gardin: My Life in a Click'

'My life in a click' it's a very unique documentary on the life of a famous italian photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin.The movie is narrated by his leica cam

Total votes: 145
the veil of Maya

Anna is 40 and depressed. 2 years before right before getting married, she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her sister.

Total votes: 109
Walking on Water

The flood of 1966 in Florence through the eyes, the camera and the creativity of Beppe Fantacci, who helped the worldwide famous artisans of Florence to surv

Total votes: 157
The Escape

Sometimes a good story can save your life.

Total votes: 177
Candie Boy

Leone has recently received a good mark at school and now he knows very well what to ask to his parents as gift: the pink dressed doll 'Candie'.

Total votes: 134
The blind side

Chiara is invited to a theater by its director to see the reharsal of a play.

Total votes: 95
The father of my daughter

'The father of my daughter ' is an independent short film shot in Tuscany .

Total votes: 120

A young girl will find herself to read a diary and lead a group of people of different ages, to reflect on the true sense of life.

Total votes: 142

Scandals, bribes, corruption.

Total votes: 167
Le Terre Desolate

Let’s imagine people who don’t know what Nature is, but who live their lives in a natural way.

Total votes: 126
The Plastic Cardboard Sonata

The inspiration of The Plastic Cardboard Sonata was originated by the wish to portray a phenomenon which our eyes have figured out and our lives have directl

Total votes: 142

Chiaroscuri is a short story about life changes and the deeper meaning of 'home'.

Total votes: 299

UARGH!To the cataleptic search of the insane element

Total votes: 123
CARPE DIEM - for God's sake!

Carpe Diem - For God's sake! is a comedy-drama film composed of three different stories.

Total votes: 157

Clementina, Mario the fisherman, Jacopo.Time and Nature. Solitudes and buildings.This is Azimut: life that flows behind the walls.

Total votes: 114
Self Control

The day of a man affected by exercise bulimia.

Total votes: 163

Sometimes it's better to face the reality than to live in a bubble

Total votes: 195
Incubo. Guardian of a treasure

The mystic story of two souls beyond space and time...

Total votes: 419
Miracle Works

A factory...A man...And a secret he's never shared with anyone until...

Total votes: 337

When we are little we have been told that with every mistake made there is always a lesson learned, but is it really true?

Total votes: 156
Un Quarto alle Otto

In a quarter of hour your life can change...

Total votes: 157
Red Snow

A true story of a group of a partisans.

Total votes: 242

“Sobriety can be bad...but it's reality.I had to follow this path, I was born to do what I have done, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Total votes: 160
The Architect of Urbino

GIANCARLO DE CARLO, anarchist architect, was born in Genova in 1919.

Total votes: 137


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