“Bruciate Napoli”, film di 92’ di Arnaldo Delehaye, ispirato ad una delle tante storie che hanno animato le “4 giornate di Napoli”.

Total votes: 128
Matera 15/19: Episode II

Matera is an ancient and fascinating city, but it is also isolated and less known than many others Italian towns.

Total votes: 123
Circular Journey

An up-and-coming tire-dealer wants to expand his business.

Total votes: 138
it's only a rolling tape

A woman in crisis finds in a peculiar bar the mixtape that a boy in love with her has given her twenty-five years ago, and which she refused.

Total votes: 138
Lack of oxygen

Fulvia, a 37-year-old woman from Rome, lives in Milan’s hinterland with her 8-year-old son and lives with forward contracts, working mainly in call centers.

Total votes: 111

Rino works with his father at a shipyard.
There is a cold relationship between them, apathetic at times.

Total votes: 135
Strange Strangers

Five women arrive in Italy from different countries: Sihem (Tunisia), Radi (Bulgaria), Sonia (China), Ana (Croatia) and Ljuba (Serbia).

Total votes: 937
Noble lies


Total votes: 109
Oltre la Linea Gialla -Beyond the yellow line

Alex is a 40-year-old singer-songwriter who never had the courage to submit his songs to anyone.

Total votes: 90
The Day After

A promising young man, after a wild night, he wakes up in an apartment. Has an important business appointment, he gets up, he finds his clothes but ...

Total votes: 423
Deleted Scene

The next clash with his father leads Ludo to give up everything to devote himself to what he has always wanted: to make a movie.

Total votes: 67

The central theme of the documentary is the reproduction and the survival of the past.

Total votes: 140
The Art and Science of Traveling

According to scientists, we have been traveling for 13.8 billion years as atoms since the formation of the universe.

Total votes: 547
Goodbye Darling, I'm Off To Fight

After a painful break-up with her boyfriend in NYC, Italian actress and fashion model Chantal Ughi discovered that Muay Thai was the only way to deal with he

Total votes: 779
We Light the Tradition

A film documenting the trials and tribulations of the Annual Italian Feast in Hoboken.

Total votes: 103
Mataleòn - "Atari"

"Atari" is the first single of Mataleòn, from the new EP "Perspective of an idea." The song and the video speak of social networks and the mental prison to w

Total votes: 87

Nouri Bouzid is the most important Tunisian film director. He has shown in his films everything that seems

Total votes: 605

A man’s face , shading off and undefined is set in a dark and thin atmosphere; it is reflected in an old mirror; the man starts talking to an unknown entity

Total votes: 134
Bussana Resilient | Art In Ruins

In 1887 an earthquake severley damaged Bussana Vecchia, the Italian village near San Remo.

Total votes: 123
Every Day, Except Sunday

A day before his first confession, a mischievous motorcycle-loving boy fears the worst after stealing a motorcycle emblem.

Total votes: 410
Broken Treasures


Broken Treasures
Written and Directed by Sondra Sottile
Filmed in Naples, Italy

Total votes: 73
The father, the child and the mother

A scene of a film pushes the child to rebel against his father.

Total votes: 116
Remember everything, to not forget anyone

A man is walking around Lampedusa, an Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, reciting the names of the victims of October 3rd 2013, when more

Total votes: 140
Una bellissima bugia
Total votes: 95
There aren't any trees here

We forget, and all along our life we are seeking what we have forgotten.
Searching, we create.

Total votes: 119
Sara (English Sub)

The night of her 25th birthday, Sara receives an unexecpted present: a message from her father.

Total votes: 97

A deep friendship, a love that rises and destroys, the loneliness of a shudder that takes your breath

Total votes: 498
Panic Love

Valentina is in Sicily to get married.

Total votes: 127
The Good Remedy

collegamento alla pagina Web:

Total votes: 614
FERRUCCIO story of a (little) robot

Duccio is an inventor by vocation, and in his home workshop tries an exceptional challenge.

Total votes: 335

Sooner or later life puts us obstacles, which we are not always able to overcome. A couple, loving each other, tried, but lost. Or maybe not?

Total votes: 203

A portrait of young Italians who have emigrated to Tirana (alone, in couples or with the whole family) in order to work in Albanian Call Centers with no guar

Total votes: 1177
Total votes: 134
As the first time

Oscar is a photographer.

Total votes: 175
Humam (Eng sub)

Humam is an Algerian immigrant who is forced to work the most varied jobs in Italy to be able to support his family back home.

Total votes: 139

"Insane Love" deals with the anxitiey of today’s young people, who are isolated from each other, confined in their own realities, to the point that they need

Total votes: 280

After meeting the woman with whom he once lived a relationship, now married to another man, an elder relives, as a boy, the day of the first meeting with her

Total votes: 279

A group of blindfolded singers rebels against the conductor, against the idea of ​​a "traditional" family.

Total votes: 586
Chances Equality

Some of the students from Robert Schuman Vocational School in Charenton-Le-Pont are in difficulties and school dropout.

Total votes: 214

Ludovico accepted the tough choice of his sick wife to be left to die.

Total votes: 755
Total votes: 624

This is not a war story !!

Total votes: 549

A ruthless and social climber journalist is willing to do anything to discover Banksy's identity.

Total votes: 546
Lontane ma vicine

Two women, two different lands, two different worlds, one destiny. An immigration story that will lead to an unexpected ending

Total votes: 102
The broken door

A woman lives a wonderful love story.
But What happens if someone "breaks the door"?

Total votes: 221
"One step from holiness"

A short doc movie about Bono meeting with John Paul II.

Total votes: 543


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