Total votes: 7506

A bounty killer tries to survive the word « vengance » without "e" engraved on his forehead.

Total votes: 1831
Trouble For A Smoke

In a boxcar heading west from Kansas to Colorado convicted felon Archibald Graves sits in chains while his two guards, the young and naive Sam Tate and the g

Total votes: 962

A world-weary cowboy performs his ritualistic preparation for a monumental battle.

The Cowboy with rifle from RODEO KING (2016) Starring Jeff Mash
Total votes: 7539
Outlaws of the Patagonia
Pancho is an independent filmmaker from Buenos Aires which is pushed by his grandfather Fausto, to go after the hidden loot of Butch Cassidy, who lived in
Total votes: 4084
Mad Like The Devil

A tale about a band of vicious outlaws that burn down a town.

Total votes: 1440

In the late 1800's Randle and Jess roamed The American Southwest.  Survival and freedom in their minds of what was righ

Hold Up
Total votes: 1493
The Runaway

An old fugitive, finally discovered by the law, reflects on his younger years of excitement, adventure, and heartbreak.

Total votes: 1690
Wild West - Connie Brannock

A lone stranger wanders into a dusty old town. Suspicious town folk decide to keep their distance until they know more.

Total votes: 122

Abdullah and Cripple Ziya are gun dealers in the Bozkir district of Konya. They put honesty, honor, and dignity before anything else.

Total votes: 793
La Creciente / The Surge

Matia, an underprivileged kid, flees to a group of islands of the Parana River and finds work as a ranch helper for “El Correntino”, a rancher from the area.

Total votes: 1157
The Jade Pendant

A tragic love story set against the lynching of 18 Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles, in 1871. Filmed in Utah.

Total votes: 1517
No Sunday West Of Newton

Mclauskie has killed Bailey in self defense.

Total votes: 1267

Set in 1947 Punjab (Pakistan) Anand's wants to get his brother and sister across the border to safety during the partition.

Total votes: 1373

When estranged tech entrepreneur Ryan Black returns to his remote desert hometown for his father’s funeral, he is reluctantly reunited with his ex-con brothe

Total votes: 977
You Can Run

Two friends enter an immersive Westworldish resort. After they ignore the requirement to leave electronics behind, deadly complications ensue.

Total votes: 1167
Socrates of Kamchatka

'Socrates of Kamchatka' is a tale about the 'breaking' of horses and people by caring Communist masters.

Total votes: 666
A Tin Birds Song

Klaus is in his late fifties and leads the lonely life of a welfare recipient. He believes every person has a big dream waiting to be fulfilled.

Total votes: 837
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 49165
No More running

Hunted by her abusive lover, a woman takes refuge with a gun wielding shop owner with her own sense of justice.

Total votes: 1475
Celebrating the Right to Bear Arms in America

Celebrating the Second Amendment Rights of The US Constitution

Total votes: 841
Iron Brothers

The story of two brothers and their fight for survival on the Western Frontier.

Total votes: 614
Painted Woman

In the late nineteenth century, a young woman begins to understand herself and her life of abuse through two distinct men who might save her.

Total votes: 879

The world's best alligator rodeo and the unconventional animal caretaker that makes it all possible.

Total votes: 1069
The Last Crow

In a western fantasy world of bird people, the last living crow must defend the legacy of his soon to be extinct species.

Total votes: 608

Set in 1887, 3 generations of women are separated by tragedy and circumstance then ultimately reunited by the triumph of the human spirit.

Total votes: 709
The Devil's Gun (Short Film)

In the West Texas town of Diablo, the portal for the US/Mexican drug and sex trade, an entire population lives in terror.

Total votes: 567
'Don't Sell My Guitars'

A beloved country musician whispers a final request to his wife.

Total votes: 638

Bass Reeves, the first black Deputy US Marshal, a flashy dresser and fast with his twin six shooters as well as his sawed off shotgun, rode throughout the W

Total votes: 589

Vermijo is a character driven western and touches on some real contemporary subjects - alcohol abuse, bullying, domestic violence.When their no-good brother

Total votes: 729
Cowboy Billy's OK Corral

“Live right, the cowboy way!” That’s what Cowboy Billy says as he welcomes kids to the OK Corral, where everyone is OK.

Total votes: 579
Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons

A wannabe rancher always falls a few steps behind a changing country as he balances his aspirations with his troubled family life over 5 or 6, or maybe even

Total votes: 519
The Tribe

A family of three young sisters live out their days after a pandemic has consumed most of the known world.

Total votes: 711
Past Hope Now

A short film meets extended music video, Past Hope Now is a couple's fight to survive in the chaos of the desert - a physical, mental and natural struggle -

Total votes: 523

A nonverbal short film set in the North West, that captures the harmony between horse, rider, landscape and music.

Total votes: 620
Revenge at Redemption Flats

A free black woman working as a trail hand, is searching for her still enslaved mother in order to buy her freedom.

Total votes: 603

A gritty 1960's Texas drama examining the power struggle between two estranged sisters in the wake of domestic violence.

Total votes: 729
ghostdance for a new century

A fusion of film and video, this experimental work is a digital re-imagining of my 16mm silent film of 1978 filmed originally in Canyon de Chelly and inspire

Total votes: 807
Everything in the Song is True

Four iconic cowboys whose music, art and way of life sustain vital connection to the folk culture that defines the American frontier.

Total votes: 972
The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on the paved highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig.

Total votes: 520
Towards the Sun

This is a story about two social outcasts who help each other and make new goals in a road trip.A man loses his house and is forced to live in his truck.

Total votes: 1224

OYATE is an observational nonfiction feature film about life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota.

Total votes: 680

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