The Triple Murder in Mulberry Bend

A detective recounts the events of a cold triple murder case fro

Total votes: 4314

He broke her, she fi

Total votes: 7934
My Quiet Hero

A lighthearted Neo-Noir film, about a hardboiled PI on an extortion case, and a father-son twist.

Total votes: 1229

A young man contemplates going through with an armed robbery, haunted by repeating visions of what could go wrong.

Total votes: 487

Miguel is a former war photographer. Albert, who works in the morgue allows Miguel to take photos of dead women for his personal photographic project.

Total votes: 627
A Story

Young Chinese girl Wen started her day with catching her girlfriend cheating in action with the scumbag who mocked at her last night at a rooftop party.

Total votes: 1533

Being deluded by the “directors”, Miss Wang decides to film her life stories.

Total votes: 3254

When estranged tech entrepreneur Ryan Black returns to his remote desert hometown for his father’s funeral, he is reluctantly reunited with his ex-con brothe

Total votes: 730

There is no heroes these days...

Total votes: 699
The Storybook

This is my graduation short film at the Academy of Drama. What I want to express is how to look back at the truth when it becomes true.

Total votes: 812

A young couple’s relationship-mending getaway at her family’s remote cabin in Ukraine is sidetracked when they discover a severed finger in the woods.

Total votes: 536
Deer Season

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” -Benjamin Franklin

Total votes: 362
Peach Dreams

A film about dreams, youth and illness.

Total votes: 891
The Transcendents

A band has gone missing. A strange man has been sent to find them.

Total votes: 439
Sorrow of young Narcos

Dinner with surprise for Ludovico...

Total votes: 376
Trouble at Sacred Stone

Of the three 'water protector' camps at Standing Rock, North Dakota, Sacred Stone was the most mysterious.

Total votes: 1085
The Rain Dance

An original cinematic puzzle told through seven meticulously-connected stories spanning several decades.

Total votes: 671
Out of the Darkness

You can't escape your destiny.

Total votes: 866

art or obsession ?

Total votes: 560
The Man Who Wasn't Here

In a far far away planet called SINEMA , a movie star that is a 'STILL IMAGE' wants to move like a 'MOVIE' again.

Total votes: 701
In a Mad House

Evelyn confronts her abusive ex-husband and finds that he has found another victim.

Total votes: 443

Love can kill. Is it love or obsession, passion or ambition that kill us?

Total votes: 971
The Granary

An agoraphobic man is trapped inside an old granary by his own fears, and attempts to fight his demons with creativity and inspiration.

Total votes: 773
A Very Merry Unbirthday

In a world filled with sad and suicidal fairy tale characters, a female assassin, wearing just one shoe, reluctantly looks for her last target, while encount

Total votes: 377

Nayan Kumar, the premium salesman of Premium Mops India is extremely good at his job. He is the man with the Midas touch.

Total votes: 710

In the wake of his wife's death, an old man embarks on a bitter renaissance.

Total votes: 371
Suddenly, piano

Three characters struggle with their fleeing reality, miss-understanding each other until there is no turning back possible.

Total votes: 386
Escaping Stars

The story of a girl lost in an phantasmagoric world

Total votes: 854

The humans out of the mainstream society border...

Total votes: 568

LUI/LEI is about a game between a thirteen year old boy and a woman twenty years his senior, about an unusual love, an aesthetic fascination for another huma

Total votes: 430
30 Cents

Solve the mystery of the strange, spy-thriller inspired reverse music video by wunderkind Eli Raybon.

Total votes: 415
Painted Woman

In the late nineteenth century, a young woman begins to understand herself and her life of abuse through two distinct men who might save her.

Total votes: 642

It is a neo-noir fairy tale in which a young mixed race man is looking for his father in Harare and finds love instead.

Total votes: 589
Unplanned Awakening

Carrie and Philip trapped in an mental asylum struggle to find means to unshatter their lives.

Total votes: 429

In the near future, nanotechnology administered into the bloodstream can sync with computer apps to augment the human genome.

Total votes: 367
Working Tacoma

In 1994 a strip-club owner, Billy, is ready to open his second club.

Total votes: 369
Plague Doctor

A Plague Doctor haunted by his superstitions and grief attempts to heal a plagued woman who resembles his dead daughter.

Total votes: 379

Still Waters Run Deep

Total votes: 552
Tail Job

Tail job is an independent neo-noir film in which a loser, stand-up comedian Daniel, is hired by two ‘lazy’ hit men to trail a mysterious stranger (flaneur)

Total votes: 863
Home Invasion

The only thing that came between them was his gun.

Total votes: 415
Hired Swords and the Sucker Gun

In an imaginary world, two sellswords are hunting an unknown criminal, who is gunning down people with a flintlock pistol.

Total votes: 354

Amidst an arranged marriage committed against his will, a midwestern, Indian teenager falls for a mysterious girl in the woods, entrapping him in the grip of

Total votes: 465


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