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He broke her, she fixed him.

To truly know where the edge is, you have to go over it. 
She loved so deeply, that his eyes closed as she fell asleep. 
When it comes to love, there's different ways to fall. 
Sometimes you have to bleed, to know you have a heart. 
Sometimes you have to ache, to know you have a soul. 
Sometimes you have to hate, to know you can love.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This short film was a compilation of ideas swirling around my head and was based and centered around a "dream state". We all have dreams, some that we do remember and at times reoccur. 
I liked the idea of the dream room being the centre and swinging back and forth between this and our other locations. 
Using a mix of beautiful morning light on cliff tops with more stark and dark night scenes creates feelings of euphoria and mood swings to ask the viewer what really happened and also perhaps leaves some questions unanswered. 


Distribution budget: 
$2500 AUD
Directed by: 
David Collier
Writing credits: 
Sarah Scaife
Sarah Scaife
Produced by: 
Davi Collier
Music by: 
Nine Inch Nails
Cinematography by: 
David Collier Monica Pronk
Film Editing by: 
David Collier David Zandberg
Art Direction by: 
David Collier
Set Decoration by: 
David Collier
Production Management: 
David Collier
Release Date: 
Monday, October 10, 2016
Total votes: 8482