13 Burmese Days

**Oxford University students explore Burma and meet the people fighting for social change.**

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Surf the internet means confronting ourselves with others. What is the effect of social networks on people? To which extent are we still individuals?

DisConnected poster
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Structures of Nature

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You see me (Germ. Ich kenne dich)

A dark reflection of the society we live in already.

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Try A Little Tenderness

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New York City. 
A switch noise and day appears instantly. 
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During the epidemic of COVID-19, many people are facing the crisis of unemployment.

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A tragedic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal Sexual abuse

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Four ladyboys working in the rubber tree forests at night, in the rice fields during the day, looking for a way to survive, exist and have the others accept

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Add Poster Image While the kids in my class went to the local country club, I went to swim with the amputees.

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Resilience _ Documentary on Detroit

What if Detroit was not in ruin ? What if all the media repeated about that was a lie.

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Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R. Booker Story
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