Native American


During the French and Indian war, a man of mixed-native descent finds himself caught between two worlds when he journeys into the wilderness with a deranged

Total votes: 2774

Being deluded by the “directors”, Miss Wang decides to film her life stories.

Total votes: 3974
Forbidden Power

Power, coming from an unusual source, presents a moral dilemma for a young man who must decide on the direction his life will lead.

Total votes: 791
Wrong Number

Guy meets girl who is out of his league

Total votes: 2020
The path of Maria

Maria is a shortfilm about a woman who was fooled to the western world while she was still young and naive.

Total votes: 1656
Time Void

The constant fear of a great destruction caused by humans, leads 'Arriet' to the point of an extreme anxiety, pushing her to create a plan to survive any cat

Total votes: 4256
Trouble at Sacred Stone

Of the three 'water protector' camps at Standing Rock, North Dakota, Sacred Stone was the most mysterious.

Total votes: 1392
The Silent Eye

The Silent Eye is a highly intimate, impressionistic portrait of the unspoken rapport between Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka - two masters of their form, at wor

Total votes: 1011
Stand in the Stream

From the point of view of an artist’s camera and computer, we watch the decline of a mother with dementia amidst the decline of democracy worldwide.

Total votes: 2034
The Longest Walk

American Indian Movement leaders on Alcatraz Island, lead a pipe ceremony at the start of the February 11, 1978 Longest Walk - a spiritual walk across the Un

Total votes: 524
A Love Story

A man meets a woman at a bar and things escalate quickly.

Total votes: 495
ONLY WANNA PARTY 3-Minute Music Video Short, 2016

ONLY WANNA PARTY is the transmedia comedic short that features an award winning soundtrack. It stars Willie K and Eric Gilliom as the Barefoot Natives.

Total votes: 1169
The Stag's Mirror

A short experimental film on the indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico.

Total votes: 1208
Mistaken Movie Star

A young actresses is mistaken for Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman and has to decide to be her self for love OR GO FOR IT!

Total votes: 2864

A dark-comedy about an aging television star who plays folk songs for children. Starring Allan Havey (Mad Men, The Informant!, Hancock)

Total votes: 764
No Reservations

A hypothetical look at what life would be like if the roles in Standing Rock were reversed as an Indigenous corporation attempts to install a pipeline under

Total votes: 672
A Spell Cast Me

This is a mocumentary that talks about a Chinese Taoism nun took a Chinese zombie back to UK so the nun can return the zombie to her family in UK.

Total votes: 3010
Los Angeles Kidnapping

The daughter of the richest Chinese businessman in LA was kidnapped.

Total votes: 1054
Choosing Faith

A Comedy animated short film about religion. A young man who slips in the shower and hits his head.

Total votes: 490
KEN DEWEY - This Is A Test

This is the untold story of a visionary artist who elegantly raged against the machine.

Total votes: 592
She's Beyond Me

A summer night when unripe souls mix.

Total votes: 888

A young actress is mistaken for a famous celebrity. She has to decide if she is going to go for it or be her self to fall in love!

Total votes: 1780
Inauguration Day

A short doc examining the Washington DC street protests during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Total votes: 752
King In The Mountain

King In The Mountain is a documentary about the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania.

Total votes: 810
Tribal Justice

Two formidable Native American women, both chief judges in their tribe's courts, strive to reduce incarceration rates and heal their people by restoring rath

Total votes: 718
Headhunting William Jones

This 90-min documentary video is a character study of a Native American anthropologist researching the Ilongot headhunters (now known as the Bugkalot) in the

Total votes: 1053
Raising Hopes

It is a story about a Summer camp fundraised and established by a struggling local couple to uplift the girls vulnerable to the danger of suicide at Pine Rid

Total votes: 779

The real life story of a young California man becoming a super star in the adult film world while being a family man finding out going independent against ma

Total votes: 646
The Venus of Lotus Hill

A young woman and a fisherman from a small village travel to a strange house both looking for the owner and answers but when he's nowhere to be found their p

Total votes: 539
The House on Normal Street

Human traffickers get what they deserve.

Total votes: 644

A fish out of water story about Vargas, a Fil-Am's first trip to NYC

Total votes: 732
Sweet Oil

Two daughters of a single mother use their imaginations to overcome the hardships of life in Northern Alberta, Canada's once booming oil sands.

Total votes: 522
The Women In The Sand

Guided by the spirits of their ancestors, a few feisty elders of the vanishing Timbisha Shoshone Tribe struggle to overcome injustice and keep their ancient

Total votes: 401
Five Dollars

A father watching over his estranged son for the Summer encounter a couple of criminals on the run on his rural ranch in Washington.

Total votes: 506

A man who lost his life in a car accident, find himself in torment.

Total votes: 827
Perdition Lake

Inspired by mythologies of the Lower Elwha S'Klallam Tribe, this short film follows Eden on a fishing trip just after the passing of her father.

Total votes: 278


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