Asian American


On the evening of a reunion, Karine grieves the loss of someone close to her.

Total votes: 1816
The Jade Pendant

A tragic love story set against the lynching of 18 Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles, in 1871. Filmed in Utah.

Total votes: 1190

Two friends discuss the frustrations and nuances of dating in 2016 before discovering they have feelings for each other.

Total votes: 358
Things That Were

A young man deals with his first heart-break, and finds that with the advice of others, he can overcome his lost love.

Total votes: 1514
A Story

Young Chinese girl Wen started her day with catching her girlfriend cheating in action with the scumbag who mocked at her last night at a rooftop party.

Total votes: 1565

Being deluded by the “directors”, Miss Wang decides to film her life stories.

Total votes: 3271
I Stand With Jessy

This documentary follows a young, low income, immigrant single mother of three who discovers she has breast cancer.

Total votes: 374
Time Void

The constant fear of a great destruction caused by humans, leads 'Arriet' to the point of an extreme anxiety, pushing her to create a plan to survive any cat

Total votes: 3519

HOLLOW is a meditation on the five stages of grief.

Total votes: 1398
Red Forest Hotel

It's the new China, launching green initiatives and opening doors for international press, until Western journalist tries to uncover the links between the Ch

Total votes: 2201

'Maki' is the story of displacement, power, and vulnerability told through the relationship between a hostess, the bartender she loves, and the boss who cont

Total votes: 377
The Silent Eye

The Silent Eye is a highly intimate, impressionistic portrait of the unspoken rapport between Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka - two masters of their form, at wor

Total votes: 814

“Chico” is a narrative music video that follows our hero over the course of a night as he makes his way from a family celebration to hustling on the streets

Total votes: 699

A woman wants a young lady to become a woman while the lady desires to become another kind of woman.

Total votes: 1341
The Apology

The Apology follows the personal journeys of three former “comfort women” who were among the 200,000 girls and young women kidnapped and forced into military

Total votes: 601


Total votes: 962
The Jackson 5... Million

Winner of Best Documentary Feature Award at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival.

Total votes: 2322

Newly immigrated mother and daughter from China who are living under the condition of water shortage in a shabby household in Los Angeles, are going through

Total votes: 442
Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads

Four children of former Hmong refugees embark on life-altering journeys to construct and perform a sense of place in the community and the world, in globally

Total votes: 854
Nothing Is Sacred

A gang enforcer for his adopted mother's sex trafficking ring is ordered to kill his brother-in-law in order to save his young niece from being sold into sex

Total votes: 594
Background Music

An ambitious and idiosyncratic Hip Hop Hypeman to become the best Hypeman of all time.

Total votes: 1950
Song of Spring

An environmentally inspired animated short film that uses the metaphor of unrequited love to express the urgency to protect endangered species.

Total votes: 790

A surreal film inspired by the events of the Japanese internment.

Total votes: 389
ONLY WANNA PARTY 3-Minute Music Video Short, 2016

ONLY WANNA PARTY is the transmedia comedic short that features an award winning soundtrack. It stars Willie K and Eric Gilliom as the Barefoot Natives.

Total votes: 937
The Koi

A high school teacher with a dark past is forced back into the underworld when a student’s life is at stake.

Total votes: 395
Mistaken Movie Star

A young actresses is mistaken for Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman and has to decide to be her self for love OR GO FOR IT!

Total votes: 2303

Shi is trapped inside of herself, as a protection from her inescapable reality.

Total votes: 880

Former gang member Marcus Lee finds himself charged with murder after committing a minor crime that results in a death.

Total votes: 825
Glorious Victory

Glorious Victory is a watercolor animated short about two beetles intensely fighting over a fig fruit.

Total votes: 355
A Spell Cast Me

This is a mocumentary that talks about a Chinese Taoism nun took a Chinese zombie back to UK so the nun can return the zombie to her family in UK.

Total votes: 2323
An American Story

Revenge is blinding and religion is numbing in this modern day tragedy of life in racist America.

Total votes: 994
You Have A Nice Flight

Airlines always wish You Have a Nice Flight, but we rarely have one.

Total votes: 679
Los Angeles Kidnapping

The daughter of the richest Chinese businessman in LA was kidnapped.

Total votes: 785
The Condo

A comedy about best friends and roommates, Steven and Rahul, who open their condo into an underground casino in order to raise money to pay off a debt owed t

Total votes: 471
The Angel

A short film in dream of a peaceful world

Total votes: 544
Escape From Zion - A Matrix Parody

Remember when Agent Smith interrogates Morpheus for the codes to get into Zion in 'The Matrix'? Well, it's been flipped =)

Total votes: 360
The Charcoal Maker

A 37 year-old Canadian writer is taught how to make charcoal by a 14 year-old boy in the Philippines.

Total votes: 364
Divinity Inc.

1940s public service announcement about overpopulation brought to you by Divinity Inc., a company that has created a final solution to help humanity deal wit

Total votes: 275
She's Beyond Me

A summer night when unripe souls mix.

Total votes: 646
Being Towards Death

Someone said that, “To be born is to start a journey towards death.” What if the journey is here?

Total votes: 327
Mah e mir

Embrace your madness

Total votes: 912

LoglineThis film was born out of donations of €130,000 from good-will Koreans domestic and foreign, most of whom are Facebook friends with the Director.

Total votes: 798

A young actress is mistaken for a famous celebrity. She has to decide if she is going to go for it or be her self to fall in love!

Total votes: 1367


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