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MAXIMUM QUOTA - Where clouds are born


The Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador also known as ‘Taita Chimborazo’, meaning "Father Chimborazo" stands as the highest peak of the Ecuadorian Andes: an altitude of 6.310m and a diameter of 20 km which dominate a 50.000 km² wide region. Due to its majesty and Equatorial position is in fact the furthest peak from the center of the Earth.

In Dicember 2014, the Italian ultrarunner Paolo Venturini tries to achieve the record of getting to the top of the volcano Chimborazo in Ecuador starting off from the city of Guayaquil located on sea level: a run of 241 km without the use of artificial oxygen and any medicine for mountain sickness. The challenge earns itself the name of "Maximum Quota".


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Paolo Cirelli
Writers: Paolo Cirelli
Producers: Bike and Adventure Team sas, Pubbliteam srl
Key cast: Paolo Venturini, Mauro Corona, Ivan Vallejo, Paolo Maran, Casimira Cabral Perez, Santiago Toledo, Andrea Ermolao, Andrea Gasperetti, Anna Cantagallo

Screenings / Awards: 

Best Director Award at Overtime Film Festival 2015

Total votes: 2395

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