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"Occhiali da Vista" - Official Musicvideo


The protagonists of this short story are two: some eyeglasses (yes) and a strange character (let's call him Claudio for convenience) who could probably need some glasses, but he likes life like this, a little blurry. The glasses are looking for something, maybe a nose to live on? Or in any case a place to rest, without constantly falling. Without being too disturbed by his strong myopia, Claudio spends his days being surprised by life and accepting his his condition despite everything, or even enjoying it. The only thing that seems to disturb him is his mirror, which moves by itself every morning. In the meantime, the glasses look for a place to rest, but they remain unsuccessful, until they see Claudio and, attracted by his myopia, follow him home. Claudio isn´t really looking for glasses (even if during some sleepless nights he thinks about it ..). They two of them will meet eventually, but Claudio will not change his life, and the glasses will not be the final life changing solution..




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Claudio Melis, Karsten Zinser Writers: Claudio Melis Producers: Claudio Melis Key cast: Claudio Melis, Iman Al Nassre, Karsten Zinser, Janni Georgieva, Maximilian Dzembritzki, Justus Henze

Total votes: 13

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