Breaking statues

Family is breaking apart, factory closes - scarred memories breaks open!Patric tries to fix his mistakes, but falls again to weakness and haunting daydreams.

Total votes: 612
At the End of the Line

In 1939, in Nazi Germany, an amazing thing happened: Jewish parents, sensing their lives were in danger, placed their children aboard trains to be raised by

Total votes: 101
Touching Mary

A massage therapist is given a much needed life lesson by a homeless woman.

Total votes: 207
Game On

Game On is a coming-of-age stoner comedy that follows gamers Regina, Mac, and Warren as they struggle to find a way to save the game store they operate, or e

Total votes: 51
The Attendant

In an isolated petrol station, a hapless and hopeless worker whiles away the night shift dreaming of a Hollywood style romance.

Total votes: 78

A troubled young woman journeys into the wilderness believing she has become the instrument of the Apocalypse.

Total votes: 41
The Eighth Step

Seven steps to complete an artwork.

Total votes: 96
EMOTE: The Documentary

This documentary follows the young women of the Los Angeles Ice Theater, who figure skate to overcome the power of negative words and bullying.

Total votes: 260
The Pomp

a surrealistic view of the rituality and aesthetics

Total votes: 437
The Bridge

Pono, a tenacious seven-year old boy lives with his family in a five-story tree house deep in the rainforest of Hawaii's Manoa Valley.

Total votes: 296
The End of Suffering

The End of Suffering is an animated drama set in London—and other places throughout the universe—about a man who tries to become enlightened in the face of m

Total votes: 195
A Shot of Apathy

A verbally abusive and emotionally damaged couple on the verge of breaking-up have one last fight that could potentially end their relationship for good.

Total votes: 78
Back Stock

A mockumentory about working in sales in a high fashion clothing store.

Total votes: 289

A young girl on the brink of suicide, whose parents and psychiatrists try curing her homosexuality over years of treatment, wants justice and revenge, but fi

Total votes: 283
A Ticking Time Bomb

Documentary on the effects of Lyme Disease and how it controls your life and ruins many.

Total votes: 35
Hastings & Milford

'Hastings & Milford' is about delving into the spousal relationship built up on their particular setup - living as Korean-Canadian immigrants.

Total votes: 48
Quiet Please... The Expanded Edition

Quiet Please...

Total votes: 76
A Good Day Of Hustling

The daily struggle of a homeless man to survive.

Total votes: 137
The Elder

After a bitter argument with her husband about their failing relationship, a young woman gets lost in the woods and meets a mysterious old lady who transform

Total votes: 90

A lonely man's relationship with a female mannequin begins to unravel.

Total votes: 128
Thank You For Trying

An insecure serial dater and a nervous, newly single woman, only want their fumbling date to go smoothly, but their over active imaginations try to get in th

Total votes: 92
The Book of Living & Dying

A mother diagnosed with cancer tries to escape her impending death by convincing her daughter to travel with her to Tibet.

Total votes: 117
Frank & Suzie

A mute musician ever eager to express herself finds out there is more to communication than spoken language when she meets a blind tailor...

Total votes: 251
Club Angels

Club Angels is a short documentary about the forming of the band Sateen by Queen Sateen and Exquisite, a heterosexual married couple who do drag and are fixt

Total votes: 57
See You

All the videos were made for my parents in America.

Total votes: 382
ALFIE_BOE_On The Wheels of a Dream

can an opera singer face the challenges and limitations placed on him from the music industry and his own fans and come out on top singing all genres of musi

Total votes: 67
The last Picture

“Imagine going over the same routine again and again on every day of the full moon. Doing this for more than 30 years that routine becomes all you live for.

Total votes: 125
Great Highway

For more than seventy years people have surfed the San Francisco Bay Area far from the limelight reserved for the Southern California surf culture.

Total votes: 186
Fighter Kites

A young woman struggles to maintain her relationship with her lover in India.

Total votes: 86
Two Lines by Jose Marti

Recounting his attempt to aid a homeless woman, a disillusioned youth struggles to assess the morality of his actions.

Total votes: 95

Single lonely mother with her autistic child decides to go to USA.

Total votes: 688
The Wedding Ceremony

A bride and groom on the way to their wedding soon discover previously untold secrets about one another that put their entire relationship in question.

Total votes: 56

Love, debt and lawyers - what could pssibly go wrong?Verity is a modern rom/com drama inspired by William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Total votes: 103
It's My World, Dog!

'It's My World, Dog!' is a movie about the receiving department in the basement of a local bookstore, which serves as a microcosm of race relations in presen

Total votes: 1246

A tragic feud between sisters, one younger and one older, parallels the unhealthy relationship that sometimes manifests between Governments and the people th

Total votes: 73

What would you do if you witness something extraordinary but cannot talk about it to anyone?Can you keep your sanity intact?

Total votes: 401
Lost Angeles

Girls just want to have fun.

Total votes: 139
Games For Big Kids

A young receptionist and her husband are having some reproductive problems, but their squabbles can't compete with the misadventure of an even younger, immat

Total votes: 100
Liao & Lilly

Liao and Lilly is a short movie that portrays the global struggles of a young Asian woman as she searches to define her own identity in the Western culture.

Total votes: 201
Liza ruft!

“Liza ruft!” is a moving and thought-provoking documentary film about the Holocaust, Jewish resistance and commemoration politics in Lithuania and the first

Total votes: 192

Kim has been messing up in his life. He lost his family on the way. Now, he wants one thing only: To spend some time with his x-wife and their daughter.

Total votes: 514

Anaphora, is the story of a love that transcends time. A wandering poet and a young woman recognize each other after life time in which they have never met.

Total votes: 193
doll eyes

Doll Eyes is a slice-of-life horror about 10-year-old Sara, who must sneak around her Stepmother's back in order to gather supplies for the secret special pr

Total votes: 55
Golden Boy

The bond of two brothers is tested when only one is considered for a scholarship to play football at the school of their dreams.

Total votes: 50

HUM is a Science-Fiction comedy about the malfunction of a giant cell phone tower situated at the tip of Cape Cod that releases an irreducible hum into the a

Total votes: 125
Neon Girl in 1953

1950's family man and FBI agent, Jack Edwards, fights hard to save his country from mobsters and seductive Soviet spies.

Total votes: 774
Hometown Hero

A journey into the mind of an Afghanistan War vet as he struggles with P.T.S.D. and white supremacists attempting to force him from his home.

Total votes: 79
When I'm With You

A father and son brave a world of nearsighted elephants and two timing snakes in this animated tender years anthem.

Total votes: 179


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