Heavy Objects

socio political thriller

Total votes: 189

'Amidst a gridlock, we shine a light on people there. Where they're from, where they may be going, and how they're connected.

Total votes: 121
Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story

Chef and inventor Homaro Cantu helped put Chicago on the culinary map when he opened his first restaurant “Moto” and became a celebrity chef in his late twen

Total votes: 156
Christmas Pops

A meta-theatrical telling of the tale of Desmond and Molly Jones (of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” fame), a pair of Christmas-loving lovers who were born feet away fr

Total votes: 322

Mani Has been a barber at his uncles barber shop for a very long time. He day dreams he is living an awesome life. His reality is depressing and unkind.

Total votes: 196
Kissing Cousin

A love for a cousin, deeply engraved in childhood. Twelve years later, a stopped heart begins to beat again.

Total votes: 890
Public Intimacy


Total votes: 327
Reflex Camera

When moments of uneasiness try to creep in as they will in everyone's life, I tell myself to get that camera back in focus, and everything is okay.

Total votes: 607
Help Wanted

An off duty cop is confronted by a gunman holding up an all night diner.

Total votes: 191

3 minuts poetic visual experience about the cult.

Total votes: 213

Stuck in memories and mourning the loss of her father, a young writer struggles with her personal relationships by equating love with the way in which her fa

You voted 4. Total votes: 322
The Forest

A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand.

Total votes: 486
Hide the Elephant

A young boy is abandoned by three of his friends after a cave-in.

Total votes: 211

Two underage musicians from Niagara Falls take destiny into their own hands by stealing a limousine and driving to California.

Total votes: 268

A publishing intern is sent to retrieve the signature of her hero, only to realize he is an asshole.

Total votes: 138

Two New York women, a theater exec and an art conservator, confront difficulties in marriage and friendship, as the son of one and the daughter of another se

Total votes: 114

What if it was possible to create a world in which to get a chance to rehabilitate themselves, criminals had to pass a test without even knowing it?

Total votes: 440
All that Glitters (special edition)

A documentary about twin sisters with Cerebral Palsy who are being considered for major roles in a Hollywood motion picture.

Total votes: 273
Super Short Comics 'Into the Pocket'

Did you noticed that all of the denims (jeans) have a second little pocket above the main pocket? What is that for?

Total votes: 264
Can I Help?

Caroline James, a local radio host, thinks she's just helping another man through a break up when car mechanic, Mark Cars, calls into her show.

Total votes: 167
A Dance for G. KNIGHT

A Dance for G.Knight is a collaborative work between Miles Greenberg, dancer/choreographer and G.Knight, artist that attempts to highlight the interaction of

Total votes: 291
Timeless Guilt

Timeless Guilt is a suspense - When a father (Darnell Williams) is walking home with his daughter, he witness two men kidnapping a little girl.

Total votes: 250

A man shows his son what sacrifice for one's country looks like.

Total votes: 224

A frustrated copywriter heads upstate to kill himself...and gets writer's block on his suicide note.

Total votes: 173
Dawn at Night

What would you do if you found out your neighbor was hiding something horrible?

Total votes: 358
The Great Accountant

The marriage of two classically trained musicians descends swiftly through purgatory and into hell.

Total votes: 194
Red Carpet

In the wake of the media broadcast of numerous missing women, an actor is interviewed about his role as a serial killer.

Total votes: 370
The Loneliest Time

John Killigrew has an unusual surrogate to help him transition from British sniper to a loving husband and father.

Total votes: 193

On the first night of Passover, a homeless stranger mistakenly enters a Brentwood mansion and discovers he's supposed to be a hitman the eldest son has hired

Total votes: 375
Amores Gatos

Amores Gatos is an experimental tragicomedy about a wannabe-poet jack-of-all-trades dilettante that earns his living as a cat-sitter in NYC.

Total votes: 209

The sentimental and comedic adventures of the Spritzer family, as they deal with the death of their grandmother and what's to become of their Jewish family r

Total votes: 156
Screaming My Heart Out (recent)

SCREAMING MY HEART OUT is about the deep love, pain and joy that one large Italian family shares in the 1960's in a small blue collar neighborhood beneath th

Total votes: 194
Good Night

A post-apocalyptic zombie survivors short film

Total votes: 245
The Observer Effect

A student facing difficult choices about his future gets mixed up in a dangerous time travel experiment.

Total votes: 537
Where Fairyland Begins

Amy, aged five, is reading a book about a fairy. Her father and mother are having problems in their marriage. They may be splitting up.

Total votes: 288
A Life Lived

The story about the life of a dollar bill, and the many lives it passes along the way.

Total votes: 228
Detained NO

A Central American woman fleeing gang violence in El Salvador fights for her and her son's freedom by inciting a hunger strike while detained at a privately

Total votes: 234

In a dire situation, a desperate man reaches out to the only person who can possibly help him.

Total votes: 393
Airport 2012

'Airport 2012' chronicles an alienating partner-swapping encounter in a New Jersey motel on Election Day, 2012.

Total votes: 337
Virgile sleeps, six sketches for a film

French artist Virgile Novarina conducts, for more than 20 years, a survey on sleeping.

Total votes: 219
Two Hundred Percent

In the early morning hours of December 19, 1998, a forty-year old Tal Segal drove home from a night shift on a snowy Denver highway when he was struck by a c

Total votes: 386
Beyond Doubt

A former police officer stands trial for murdering the man he holds responsible for his father's suicide; is he guilty?

Total votes: 206
The Bat

A boy who loses everything must reconcile the changes in life while longing for his deceased father’s affection.

Total votes: 159
One Fine Day

A man keeps an intriguing positive attitude even going through what seems to be a bad hair day.

Total votes: 209
Bloody Money

How Do Three Guys Keep a Secret?

Total votes: 193
I Can't Sleep

An insomnia ridden boy is sensorially overwhelmed due to the urban environment that surrounds.

Total votes: 225

A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.

Total votes: 427
Man and Cat

Two down on their luck brothers attempt to steal what they think is a valuable comic book.

Total votes: 122


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