The night falls and a man decides to control his fate. Is the emptiness the only answer?

Total votes: 1958
What a Strange Way of Life

Documentary about alternative ways of life, with a vision of the future based on sustainability.

Total votes: 1891
The Archive

How far can you run, so you can run even further?

Total votes: 2491
From midnight till dawn

An insight on sensorial experiences, collective memory and sense of identity of the wool workers from Covilhã, establishing a link with the abandoned and deg

Total votes: 1896
Cape Espichel - In Land of a Lost World

a journey through time and history of one of the most important religious sites in the time of the Portuguese monarchy, now almost left abandoned by the Repu

Total votes: 3826
The First Summer

Total votes: 2882
Suddenly my thoughts halt

A cup of coffee, a cigarette. A coin, another cup of coffee. Patients roam the halls. They walk alone. Waiting. Another smoke, a burning cigarette.

Total votes: 2237
may I dance?

HD, 3'55'', Portugal, 2016

Concept, Sound, Music, Image, Editing, Performer: Vasco Diogo


Total votes: 1817
Onde o meu amigo pintou um quadro (Nota: filme quase silencioso) (Where my friend made a painting (Note: almost silent film))

Short and simple story: My friend made a painting from a photograph about a manifestation against the economic crisis and I made a film from that painting.

Total votes: 4816
Cinzas e Brasas (Ashes and Embers )
Total votes: 1398

In the riverside neighbourhood of Oporto all the children prove their courage by jumping from the stunning bridge Luis I into the Duero river.

Total votes: 2048
...beyond the waiting room

Art and artificiality, healing and feeding, knowledge and no knowledge have to leave (behind) the trade and the mediocrity system, abasement and inferiority

Total votes: 2120
Morto vivo (Killed alive)

Morto Vivo is a film based on a song cycle in English, French and Portuguese. It follows the last minutes of a dying man while he remembers his life.

Total votes: 2815
The Bad Marias

Total votes: 1851

Short: Who is Sycorax? The first of all characters in William Shakespeare´s "The Tempest" to set foot on the island of the play.

Total votes: 75
The Art of Memory

The art of memory is a technic from the classical period that associates images and places through a process of remembrance and meaning.

Total votes: 68
Mysteria and the Village Spell

In a village where everything seems to be normal, certain tales and fantastic stories are told.

Total votes: 414
The heart that goes, heart that stays

We've been asked to make a documentary about traditional Portuguese musical instruments but we saw ourselves traveling through the space, time and sound of o

Total votes: 923
Total votes: 1541
Não Lugar (Non Place)

Father and son travel somewhere in some oriental landscape in 1992.
The illness came em 1993.

Total votes: 1295
Black Heart

This is a decisive moment in the life of a couple who buy a house on the island of Pico. The construction is half-way through when the wife arrives.

Total votes: 620
"Through the seas of memory - tales of a great labour..."

Directed by Rui Bela, screenplay written by Senos da Fonseca, and with the contribution of some of the last “heroes” of this saga, it results from a High Def

Total votes: 616
The Eve of Saint Anthony

Ana tries to cut through the uproar of the popular party of the Eve of St. Anthony.

Total votes: 764

After a life devoted to religion, 73 year old Mónica is now forced to choose between her conception of good and evil in order to help her grandson to stay in

Total votes: 610
The Pulsa Salesman

D. Jaime Garcia Goulart.

Total votes: 639

The story of a man. Maybe two. A father who leaves home taking nothing but the mailbox and a suitcase with him

Total votes: 682

A young woman struggles to maintain her fantastical Universe when her love goes sour.

Total votes: 656
Game of Checkers

Following Marta’s wake, her five best friends decide to spend the night at a rural tourist getaway that Marta never got around to opening.That long night bec

Total votes: 736

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