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Cinzas e Brasas (Ashes and Embers )

Information for theatres: 

Title Spanish: "-0"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: "-0"
Тitle German: "-0"
Тitle Portuguese: "-0"
Subtitles: English
Recording format: HD
Projection format: DVD
Screen format: 16/9
Colour: Color
Sound: Copi
Script: Luis Mário Lopes
Art: Roberta Azevedo Gomes e Nuria Saldanha
Editing: Manuel Mozos e Luis Nunes
Animation: -0
Music: The Strangles
Casting: Isabel Ruth, Ana Ribeiro, Gustavo Sumpta
Sound editing: -0
Post production: -0
Selections: "IndieLisboa 2015, Curtas Vila do Conde 2015, Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo, Brazil 2015"
Awards: -0

Total votes: 1433