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Morto vivo (Killed alive)


Morto Vivo is a film based on a song cycle in English, French and Portuguese. It follows the last minutes of a dying man while he remembers his life. It's the ultimate song cycle for the lost without redemption. It's possible to present the filme with livre vocals.

Information for theatres: 

Title spanish: Muerto vivo
Title french: Yes
Title portuguese: Morto vivo
Subtitles: English, Portuguese
Recording format: Digital e AVCHD
Projection format: Digital File
Screen format: 16/9
Colour: Color + B&W
Sound: Alfredo Reis Deus
Script: Alfredo Reis Deus
Art: Alfredo Reis Deus
Editing: Alfredo Reis Deus
Animation: Alfredo Reis Deus
Music: Alfredo Reis Deus
Casting: Alfredo Reis Deus
Sound editing: Alfredo Reis Deus
Post production: Alfredo Reis Deus
Awards: Award of Excellence in Filmmaking or Screenwriting at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival

Total votes: 2871