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Onde o meu amigo pintou um quadro (Nota: filme quase silencioso) (Where my friend made a painting (Note: almost silent film))


Short and simple story: My friend made a painting from a photograph about a manifestation against the economic crisis and I made a film from that painting. Between these two objects lies a path which began in a casual photograph and ended in a poorly-lit garage. Where My Friend Made a Painting is in order of importance a short film about a place a friend a creative act a painting and the silence of one manifestation.



Information for theatres: 

Title Spanish: "Cuando mi amigo pintó un cuadro (Nota: película casi en silencio)"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: " Dove il mio amico dipinse un quadro ( film quasi muto)"
Тitle German: "Wo mein Freund ein Bild gemalt hat (Hinweis: Film fast stumm)"
Тitle Portuguese: "Onde o meu amigo pintou um quadro (Nota: filme quase silencioso)"
Subtitles: English
Recording format: HD
Projection format: Digital File
Screen format: 16/9
Colour: Color
Sound: Pedro Florêncio
Script: Pedro Florêncio
Art: Pedro Florêncio
Editing: Pedro Florêncio
Animation: -0
Music: -0
Casting: Afonso Matias - Artist
Sound editing: Pedro Florêncio
Post production: Pedro Florêncio / Mário Gajo de Carvalho
Selections: "11th Naoussa International Film Festival Grécia 24/28-09-2014. Competition."
Awards: -0

Total votes: 4811