New World Order

Soviet Union's collapse was triggered by the KAL 007 shoot-down.

Total votes: 71743
Boys, be ambitious

There is serious problem with getting job among young people in korea.

Total votes: 1383
While They Watched

Documentary about North Korea, set in the future after the regime has collapsed.

Total votes: 1163
12 DEEP RED NIGHTS : Chapter 1

In the City... Twelve nights...twelve fears...the first out of 4 episodes of terror nights!

Total votes: 2859
Hear me..

One day, hearing the news that her(You-Jung) brother is AWOL. She goes straight to the Cheju Island. Soon will know that her brother is restraint.

Total votes: 2457
Just to see - a mystery

A lyrical film portrait of photographer Philip Perkis, who penetrates life's essential questions through his 60 years working in black and white photogra

Total votes: 3089
The Last Tear

Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced.

Total votes: 1061

The gods visit the sins of the fathers upon the children

Total votes: 3214
God is dead

A girl and her mother started to settle in the redevelopment area illegally.

Total votes: 2469

Yeonhee', whose implanted artificial heart is broken, and 'Margo', a robot, who connected Yeonhee's broken heart to his body.

Total votes: 824

Running afoul with his debts and lifestyle, Jihyuk decides to leave Los Angeles.

Total votes: 1578
Fantastic Love Gym

Dongwan and Juri have been friends since they were kids.
They have been working together at Fantastic love gym.

Total votes: 1518
with mom

My hometown is Jeju island.

Total votes: 1664
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 48021
Garak market revolution

There is serious problem with getting job among young people in korea.

Total votes: 1433
Good Day to Shoot

Total votes: 1499

In San Francisco's highly gentrified Mission District, a cameraman investigates a series of apartment fires that seem to redline and displace undesirable pop

Total votes: 346

An Asian American finally learns to embrace her ethnic heritage while growing up in America.

Total votes: 936

Different people have very different ways of expressing and approaching their feelings.

Total votes: 930

Through greed, man becomes a different being. If the price for your prosperity was another person's death, would you pay it?

Total votes: 772
Dad is pretty

Duk-jae wants to talk if he gets drunk. But when he gets home, Jung ah gets into the room and Mi-ja increases Tv volume.

Total votes: 1273

Jamsil : (1) district in Seoul, South Korea (2) room for silkworm breeding, magnanery

Total votes: 422
Count to Ten

A horror film that involves a conflict between a group trying to uncover the truth and another who is trying to conceal the truth.

Total votes: 440
Graduation Film

Yong-Bum want to shoot graduation film with Min-sung. And do not be like.

Total votes: 714
Girl at the door

Hye-ri practices the armbar maneuver to fight against her drunk father’s abusive behavior.

Total votes: 709
What he has left

Sad and funny stories about father's possessions

Total votes: 735

So-eun is a high-school girl living in the countryside.

Total votes: 998
Thrust to throat

The master order to do not use the 'thrust'. But Ju-hee can't win without the 'thrust'.

Total votes: 939

Sinhae Kim is about to give birth to her first child, Jeremy. She is fearful of this first delivery.

Total votes: 492

LoglineThis film was born out of donations of €130,000 from good-will Koreans domestic and foreign, most of whom are Facebook friends with the Director.

Total votes: 814
The Soup

It’s easier to hurt our family because they are so close to us.THE SOUP We are indifferent to ‘others’.We tend to ignore and neglect, but the worst is to hav

Total votes: 694
The Wolf Mask

This film illustrates hate and lateral violence in Korea society through the rise and fall of a civil organization that promoted men's rights.From this film,

Total votes: 582
Edge of Spring

When first breakup comes to a girl, her emotional changes during one day.

Total votes: 686
Blues with Me

Blues with Me.True life behind real world.

Total votes: 626

There's one week left until graduation. Everybody is hung up on getting a job. But all He want is a girlfriend.

Total votes: 871
Report about DEATH

Easy understanding description of death

Total votes: 679
For a Better Life

A middle-age low-level gangster is ordered by the boss to take a young gambler to a gambling den near some seaside village.

Total votes: 653
See You

All the videos were made for my parents in America.

Total votes: 393
Kissing Cousin

A love for a cousin, deeply engraved in childhood. Twelve years later, a stopped heart begins to beat again.

Total votes: 709

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