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Just to see - a mystery


A lyrical film portrait of photographer Philip Perkis, who penetrates life's essential questions through his 60 years working in black and white photography. From childhood he had exceptional vision, but also severe learning disabilities. He failed at school and joined the Air Force, where he befriended a photographer, learned to make pictures—and never stopped. About 10 years ago, he suddenly lost the sight of his left eye, the 'good' eye he took pictures with. Adapting to the change, he continues to find meaning in making connections to and finding parallels between inner and outer worlds through sight. Made by his former student and initially inspired by his small, poetic book "Teaching Photography: Notes Assembled," the film is built around this distillation of his experiences and his photography. It also explores the intimate, but respectful—and often playful—relationship between teacher and student.


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Directors: Jin Ju Lee Writers: Producers: Key cast:

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