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Cowboy, employed by the Agency for World Inhalation, is on a mission to purify the world’s breath with the help of homemade bed chains, levitated water and his Senior Intern. In theory, this shouldn’t be a problem in his neighborhood. But times are changing. Cowboy can’t do anything but watch when Tschick McQueen and his partner Angel start a courier service right across the street. They must be out to sabotage his plans, right? He has to take action against those gas guzzling pollution machines whose fumes kill his mom’s budgie. So naturally he sets out to start a courier service of his own: A bicycle courier service, staffed entirely by Berlin misfits. And to kick it all off, he stages a cross-town charity bicycle rally. 
But there is another reason behind Cowboy’s efforts. Cowboy doesn’t want his mother to end up as a guinea pig in a shady, maybe even unsafe, retirement home. No! His mother belongs in the Soho Savoy Ritz, the reinvigorating rest home for well-off dignified agers. Even Elvis is there, in the form of a dancing laser hologram. 
Of course this means Cowboy needs cash, ideally from which his courier service is set to earn. And when the World Agency sends beautiful and smart Fey of Sweden as their representative, things get going fast. Fey supports Cowboy as best as she can and the only thing she asks in return is a transcendent change of mind. How hard can it be? 
Torn between Cowboy’s budding crush on Fey, his hot neighbor Angel and his innate drive towards chaos, the rally soon turns into a race against time. His mother will soon be taken away from him. And now those bicycle couriers are doing anything other than the one thing they’re supposed to be doing: cycling. 
Meanwhile, after several failed attacks on Cowboy, Tschick and Angel set the Devil of Hermannplatz on him. But that’s nothing compared to the thundercloud that’s chasing him around. Not to mention Cowboy’s own penchant for knocking himself out. 
Genre: A serious-absurd comedy. 
English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

hugs and a kiss

Screenings / Awards: 

nominated for best acting and best camera QWFF 2017

The Best Comedy Feature auf dem CIFF in Ottawa, Canada 2017

nominated BVR (German Directors Guilt) 2017

Information for theatres: 

a Cinemascope Film

Directed by: 
Timo Jacobs
Writing credits: 
Timo Jacobs Federico Avino
CAST COWBOY Timo Jacobs SENIOR INTERN David Scheller TSCHICK MCQUEEN Clemens Schick FEY OF SWEDEN Natalia Belitski LENKER GABI Meret Becker COWBOY’S MOMMY Dorothea Hagena SWEET PEPPER Rolf Zacher DEVIL OF HERMANNPLATZ Claude-Oliver Rudolph ZERO Olli Schulz MOLLE David Bredin KANÜLEN MIKE Werner Daehn MISS NEWCASTLE Mona Mur KETELMANN Ketel Weber ANGEL Hanni Bergesch ZACH Volker „Zack" Michalowsky WASSERSOMMELIER Eden BONAPARTE Bonaparte 12ER KNOCHEN Hans-Ulrich Laux WACHTMEISTER PIEPS Friedrich Liechtenstein TAXI CHEM Miron Zownir TEXAS TERRI BOMB Texas Terri FRAU STRUTZHART Susanne Wuest
Produced by: 
Timo Jacobs
Music by: 
Alexander Muell and Klaus Tropp
Cinematography by: 
Dominik Friebel
Film Editing by: 
Sarah Clara Weber Oliver Walz Oliver Kless MAnuel Stettner
Casting by: 
Timo Jacobs
Art Direction by: 
Claudia Steinert
Set Decoration by: 
Claudia Steinert
Costume Design by: 
Anna Schmidbauer
Makeup Department: 
Anna Katharina Michel
Release Date: 
Sunday, August 6, 2017
Total votes: 1938