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The Last Tear (Short)

Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced.

Total votes: 250
The Unexpected

"The Unexpected", is a family fiction, drama about a teenage girl named “Samantha Burkmore” and her difficult and uncertain journey to adulthood.

Total votes: 2441
Silentium Dei

Silentium Dei is a single and continuous long take film about ritual, chauvinism and human brutality.

Total votes: 413
The Shattered Mind

The film tells a story about a misplaced teenager who is trying to find herself in a self-respecting Deaf family and overcoming an unusual psychological and

Total votes: 173

Having a mysterious encounter in Manhattan... What if you would meet that one person who can make you realise something is not right..? Or very wrong?

Total votes: 1462
Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake' follows a lovable, childish alien named Snake who is sent to earth to kill a lonely stoner named V.

Total votes: 3847
HOW TO BE A ROCKSTAR, The Wasteful Consumption Patterns Story

Join DJ Korpserape and Tombass on their mission as they embark on a journey to become the greatest rockstars in the universe!

Total votes: 1834
The Hanji Box

A recently divorced woman is downsizing. Her adopted Korean daughter is helping her pack.

Total votes: 376

Roger a lonely cab driver who is diagnosed with a terminally ill disease.

Total votes: 1145
Five nights of Waking Dreams

the accumulation of the experience of insomnia and severe pain over a 6-8 month period and how it altered consciousness.

Total votes: 714

"When he finds out his girl is pregnant, a troubled teen changes his ways and tries passionately to prepare for fatherhood, but he has an extremely hard time

Total votes: 2812
The Rat

Total votes: 7089
Seeking Valentina

An Iranian-American writer, in the pangs

Total votes: 6047

With the help of a small device of his own invention, a brilliant yet misunderstood young man discovers the secret of life.

Total votes: 3944
American Road

Explores the mystique of the road in American culture.

Total votes: 1431
Give Me Back My Life

An original drama and action movie that tells a story emerging from the relationship of a mother and daughter. (Mia and Camilla).

Total votes: 823

Running afoul with his debts and lifestyle, Jihyuk decides to leave Los Angeles.

Total votes: 1550
I Am Alone

   Jacob Fitts television host and survivalist, with his crew Producer Adam Levine & Cameraman Mason Riley set out to shoot another episode of

Total votes: 2899

A brilliant mathematician travels through time and space in search of the knowledge that would allow him to control his life and alter the events of his past

Total votes: 1479
Non-Stop to Comic-Con

Total votes: 676
The Morning After

Total votes: 1036
Red Herring

Total votes: 3797
The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man

A man disillusioned with his failing marriage and dead end career abruptly decides to visit his past to figure out where it all went wrong.

Total votes: 768
A Question of Humanity

A young Ugandan woman emerges as an unlikely heroine as she races against time to save the next generation of her people from a mysterious, deadly disease th

Total votes: 2835
The Broken Legacy

While voluntarily testing a new drug at a research facility, a lost screenwriter recruits the help of an egotistical philosopher in order to attract the girl

Total votes: 1475
Driving While Black

Driving While Black is a dark comedy, based on the police experiences of a black kid From LA.

Total votes: 506
The Last Case of August T. Harrison

Set in and around Venice Beach, California - August T.

Total votes: 2102
Little Bi Peep

Total votes: 694
Something Better Comes Along

Listless millenials muse over unrequited love on their way to self discovery in this character driven suburban neorealist story.

Total votes: 1866
Imminent Threat

Total votes: 765
Present Company Excluded

With no female role models around, crass, awkward, 21 year old Chris tries to break into her wealthy and glamorous neighbor’s world.

Total votes: 752
The Hardest Love

The Hardest Love follows Victor Velasquez, an 80's Latin freestyle musician, struggling to stay relevant in today's youth driven music scene.

Total votes: 505

Dumped is produced, written, edited & directed by Joseph Ammendolea. The soundtrack consists of some of the best artists on Long Island.

Total votes: 639
Sweet & Vicious / Las Malas Lenguas

MANUELA is an only child of wealthy, devoted and well-meaning parents who are part of Colombia’s high-society.

Total votes: 2626
A Billion Parts Per Million [Script]

A wildly successful media super hero battles corrupt and powerful conventional networks along with the government in a world gone outrageously mad with infor

Total votes: 22
2nd Date [Script]

After a traumatic childhood, the loyalty of two best friends is put to the test to discover how far they are willing to go to find the love of their lives.

Total votes: 21
Trump [Script]

The tragicomic story of Donald Trump, beginning with his childhood, through his business/entertainment career up until the moment he wins the presidency (muc

Total votes: 14
Bad Love Tigers [Script]

It is New Year’s Eve, 1974, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the fun-loving and adventurous teens of the Bad Love Gang are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent.

Total votes: 24

Total votes: 1578

A mentally ill orphan t

Total votes: 1240
Idol Worship

Tom Klein returns home

Total votes: 1023
Welcome to Hillsborough

In a community where parents prohibited sugar and vanished under unknown circumstances their children now reign supreme.

Total votes: 5771

Jakob a young artist finds himself trying to decipher the reality in which he lives in and this alternate state that he is experiencing.

Total votes: 3089
Popular Vote

Total votes: 1930
Handle with Care

James takes a job housesitting for Raphael Vargas, an esteemed and eccentric entomologist famed in the insect science community for his incredible bug-commun

Total votes: 1784

A young man with everything goi

Total votes: 1089


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