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A tragicomic odyssey, beginning in Los Angeles and ending in the far country of Santa Rosa.

Total votes: 501
Burst Theory

At a facility near the shoreline of a remote island, a collection of researchers work diligently on testing an advanced treatment for a deadly virus that thr

Total votes: 1827
New Generation Queens: a Zanzibar soccer story

This feature documentary is the story of Zanzibar's women's soccer team, the New Generation Queens.

Total votes: 3732


Total votes: 4058
Positively Beautiful

Five strangers facing death from AIDS form an unlikely friendship that transforms them into extraordinary activists.

Total votes: 650
Therapy for murder

A rookie professional killer has to overcome not only the usual problems that a beginner normally faces, but also a personal challenge: it's a she.

Total votes: 1393
It's Better To Jump

It’s Better to Jump” is a feature-length documentary film that gives voice to Arab inhabitants of the ancient walled city of Akka (located on Isr

Total votes: 3186
Las Malas Lenguas (Sweet & Vicious)
Total votes: 2359

KANDIYOHI is an action packed modern-day western that brings the sleepy backdrop of rural Minnesota alive with violence and suspense.

Total votes: 2921
Lutah a Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design

LUTAH explores the life of a remarkably versatile architect who left an impressive legacy.

Total votes: 4528
Wolf House

Six friends encounter supernatural forces while trapped in a house

Total votes: 1650

Total votes: 959
Carpe Diem

Total votes: 1459
War of Existence

Total votes: 653
Billie Bob Joe

Two stepsisters uncover a bizarre conspiracy about a secret battle between the people named Joe in the world and the people named Bob.

Total votes: 2891
The Cross of the Moment

Total votes: 838

Total votes: 587
Bent Over Neal
Total votes: 686
Where Hearts Lie

"A young real estate mogul in the making unwittingly gambles his success, freedom, and the safety of his young son, by falling for the wrong woman."

Total votes: 593
New York

Patrick Fawkes (Jarkko Makela) is a photojournalist. After a four month trip to Afghanistan he is taking a short vacation in his hometown, New York.

Total votes: 817
Defenders of Life

Hidden in the hills of Southern Costa Rica, the Ngäbe indigenous community is blowing on the last flames of an ancient civilization.

Total votes: 1380

Chris, lost in his late twenties and scrambling to find a sense of identity, returns home to small town Texas when he learns that his mother died.

Total votes: 511
Holey Matrimony

Hollywood screenwriter LAURA CHANDLER returns to her childhood town for a bit of revenge against the man who betrayed her years before.

Total votes: 364
Adina Howard 20: A Story of Sexual Liberation

In 1995, Adina Howard made waves in the world of music with her hit song “Freak Like Me.” Never before had a solo R&B female artist made such a bold and

Total votes: 4828
Alchemy in Hyde Park

Alchemy in Hyde Park is the first digital feature-length fiction film shot and set entirely in the neighborhood of Hyde Park (Chicago, IL).

Total votes: 4367
Johnny Diggity

This film portrays the degradation of everyday life experienced by a person who feels he's been wronged by those around him and releases control to alcohol o

Total votes: 423

When the whole nation accepts love between same-sex and validates their marriage, the KOKO movie takes the Human-Canine bonding to the next level.

Total votes: 23

Total votes: 6221
The Decision

A man struggles with making a decision that could change his life.

Total votes: 3

An egg undergoes the incubation of reclamation.

Total votes: 0
Portraits of a Jazz Artist: Innokenty Ivanov

An exploration of the Jazz music life of a Ukrainian Jazz Vibraphone artist in Russia

Total votes: 0
Jimmy's Tale

A thief in the throes of an existential crisis turns a hostage interrogation into a violent, philosophical story-telling competition.

Total votes: 4
Raveena's Revenge

On a first date, Danny becomes increasingly close with Raveena, an alluringly mysterious woman--when suddenly, they get attacked by the Red Reapers: A group

Total votes: 0
CODE 1/2
Total votes: 9
The Date

A young beautiful woman lives in her ordinary world hoping to find a true love, until a few minutes of forced relationships changed all the colors of her eve

Total votes: 3
H.P. Lovecraft's Witch House

Graduate student Alice Gilman is running from an abusive past. She seeks refuge in the infamous Hannah house; a historic home with an ominous past.

Total votes: 0

After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babie

Total votes: 17
Axis Mundi

In order to engage in the real world human beings often live between heaven and earth.

Total votes: 7
Bizzarro e Fantastico

The new Italian-language film from Writer/Director/Producer Kris Krainock; A Roman Everyman discovers a violently ill intruder on his sofa after returning fr

Total votes: 21

A journalist used in a plot to assassinate a dissident suffers from a disorder in which she repeats words and phrases heard in the past.

Total votes: 18
"Breasts and Thighs"

Rose and Evelyn are Italian mothers who just want their kids to be happy. Rose's son, Tony, is handsome and affable.

Total votes: 12

Set as a period piece, a governess falls ill in a sequestered manor.

Total votes: 10
Look In My Eyes Feature

A sober gay man meets a NYC taxi driver from Crimea. Romance, Self deception. Pursuit of truth and oneself. Intrigue

Total votes: 20
For I Am Dead

In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, superficial life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and op

Total votes: 17
Songs By Ruth I Love You

Music video of Songs By Ruth I Love You, "The perfect dream love."

Total votes: 21

"You better be careful. You don't want it to carry you away." Jessica is recently separated and looking for some sexual intrigue.

Total votes: 23

In the tumultuous summer of 2020, four entwined New Yorkers tell stories of how their lives have been shaped by the protests, the pandemic, and the unforesee

Total votes: 15

A visionary author sails to Europe with dreams of ending World War One, while a vengeful banker and scheming politician seek to expand it.

Total votes: 26


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