The Bravery

This story narrates about a the life cycle of a poor rubber tapper with a daily basis income in the range of RM 30 – RM 40 per day.

Total votes: 5578
God's View

Man proposes and God Disposes.... A Canadian greed towards the marriage dowry.

Total votes: 3465

Power outage is a common feature in India and is a nationwide crisis.

Total votes: 3763

This movie is about Solaiyamma who is currently living in New Zealand and giving ultimate value to her childhood memories and try to save Thennamcholai (coco

Total votes: 1423

The film deals with the question of a family when the head of the family gets addicted to drugs.The story is based on real life incidents that happen in many

Total votes: 1295
Momentary Memories

This short film is a romantic suspense. It is about a day in the life of a couple. The husband goes through a tough period. He feels awkward at times.

Total votes: 592
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 51941

Vaidhyanadhan, an honest and not-so-easygoing employee and father, is forced to take early retirement which falls upon him like a blot from the blue.

Total votes: 1346
uyir meiy ezuthu

The film about a school teacher , who emotional affected and lost his current stage of life ,Emotionally charged events are remembered better

Total votes: 337

This is the story about an (G)old man aged 93. He is a believer and he loves to read books.

Total votes: 699
Black Halt

After successful hitch from an offshore rig, as unpredictable as fate’s gamble could be it jeopardized a normal happy day of an offshore oil worker.A soul pa

Total votes: 523
Kaadal Maane

A music video from an upcoming Indian Tamil language film Oru Bommalattam Nadakuthu.

Total votes: 430

A reluctant Tamil interpreter fed up of her fight against the situation facing Asylum seekers in Australia is ready to walk away from her job, when she is pu

Total votes: 504
Break the Rules

Four hot-headed college students exact their own form of vigilante justice when they become entangled in a violent, political caste war because one of their

Total votes: 508

NunnUnarvu is an Indian Tamil romantic thriller. The story involves a dentist trainee going to Australia for his exam. He experience unexplained feelings.

Total votes: 575

Two devoted men argue in front of a temple in India, but for what ?

Total votes: 326
Vithaiyadi Naanunakku

A runaway girl gets stuck in the middle of nowhere and is picked up by a middle aged stranger.

Total votes: 498

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