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Young Days


How many people can say they've become friends with their girlfriend's ex? Probably not a lot and surely even fewer have decided to co-direct movies with them. Where a blood bath was expected, two asymetrical tracks start; two trails on which our lives run, bound by similarities and enforced by our differences.We both graduated from Arts and Literature in Milan; one loves Greek and Latin poets, the other devours '900's Italian poetry; a Dardenne's L'Enfant poster upon the bed of one, Fellini's 8 1/2 in front of the other's desk. Michele falls in love with photography while Lorenzo starts to study acting. Michele applies and is admitted to Cinema directing course in Luchino Visconti academy of Milan, Lorenzo is selected to study Theater directing in Paolo Grassi academy of Milan. From an akin sensibility and the difference of our experiences we want to inspect and light up the complexity and the beauty of the world of our time. This is our first project and we have chosen a very young troupe that shares with us the same hunger and desire of making movies.




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Directors: Michele Cardano
Key cast:

Total votes: 267

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