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In the Wind


Desperate grassroots director Lan Hai and a friend of his named Ouyang, they decided to film a mockumentary. Jiang Xiao, a graduating senior student influenced by the Chinese mainstream education, he decided to film the entire process of Lan's mockumentary production as his final project before graduation.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This film is based on part of my real life and working experiences. Sometimes, I feel like we are just a group of floating dandelions in the wind. We are eager for freedom, but we are still powerless and helpless. We never know where the wind will take us to.

Therefore, we had to lie to ourselves that everything is going to be fine, and tomorrow will be a better day. Unconsciously, such self-deception makes us forget about our desire towards freedom.In China, there are a large number of filmmakers as Lan Hai, they are subject to a variety of creative obstacles, eventually lost their minds,They become a tool for government.


Directed by: 
Lan Shu-zhang
Writing credits: 
Lan Shu-zhang
Lan Shu-zhang Liu Xiao-dong Jiang Xiao Zhu Xi
Produced by: 
Lan Shu-zhang Lee Yao-yao Jiang Xiao
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Total votes: 2601