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Why did Dragan gathered his band



Dragan Petrović used to be a horse trader, but while visiting one of the trade fairs, he traded a horse for a tamboura. He never learned to read music but he taught his three sons how to play music by ear and he founded a band, not only to make a living out of it, but to keep his family together.



A self-taught Roma musician from a village called Beška in Serbia, Dragan Petrović, together with his three underage sons founded a band, not only to make a living out of it, but to, first and foremost, keep his family together. On the way to their dreams, from playing by ear to reading music, this unusual ensemble will have to overcome many obstacles of life, and the oldest son, Radovan, will have the hardest task – he will have to leave his village, enroll at the music school in a big city and share his knowledge with his younger brothers, so that one day, all three of them could become professional musicians.

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Screenings / Awards: 

Miradas doc, Spain, Tenerife

Directed by: 
Nikola Spasic
Writing credits: 
Milanka Gvoic
Dragan Petrovic, Radovan Petrovic, Dejan Petrovic, Dragan Petrovic Jr.
Produced by: 
Milanka Gvoic, Nikola Spasic
Release Date: 
Friday, January 20, 2017
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