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After losing the love of his life by suicide, a narcissistic manipulator called Arthur travels to hell to bring her back. Arthur will have to face Videl (The Devil) with his manipulation and observations techniques in order to find Videl´s flaws. But the Devil has created an elaborated plan to torture Arthur and Michelle (Arthur´s girlfriend). Now, Arthur has to decide between torture the love of his life or stay in hell for eternity.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

The idea was to create a short film that would trigger the imagination of the spectator by mixing fantasy with a bizarre reality or view of the human life. First I wanted to create a character that will expose the dissatisfaction of people with the way our society works. This feeling of materialism and false freedom that suffer most of the human kind these days. To express this feeling I created a character that can be stereotyped as a narcissistic genius. A person that his only goal is to control and manipulate others and hates to be controlled by laws or government. The idea was to make this character suffer some psychical tortures created by the Devil (An extremely sexy girl). The tortures that he is going to suffer will be related to some illustrations that the religions created for hell (Very elaborate and painful tortures). Also, I wanted to separate very clearly the reality from the purgatory in order to contrast those places. The real world was di-saturated and the hell would use more vivid colors (Red, green and yellow) that will evoke in the audiences a sense of a vivid bizarre place. 

The objective of the film is to illustrate those phobias created by culture, religion and politics and how we have to deal with them without an exit. Also, as a director, I want to illustrate “The individual thinking” (against collective thinking), as a creative and revolutionary way of life that allows people to understand and explore situations, problems, and actions i

Directed by: 
Jorge Ospina
Writing credits: 
Jorge Ospina
Nicholas Clark Valentina Ospina Andrea Zhou
Produced by: 
Jorge Ospina
Music by: 
Felipe Hoyos
Cinematography by: 
Silvana Barahona
Film Editing by: 
Jorge Ospina
Release Date: 
Monday, May 1, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 913