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While writing a detective story and trying to sort out her personal life, Sophie comes to realization of her own identity.



Information for the Audience: 

This is a story about a young woman writer who wants to be happy, but has not yet been lucky. She is experimenting and exploring life,

trying to figure out both the storyline of her detective novel and her own inclinations. Whatever happens, she knows she can immerse herself in recollections of

beautiful images and find the strength to carry on - and in fact, view her own adventures with irony. In the end, she comes to terms with who she really is.

Directed by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Writing credits: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Sophie Reinhart
Produced by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Music by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Cinematography by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Film Editing by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Casting by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Production Design by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Art Direction by: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Production Management: 
Ruslan Korostenskiy
Release Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2017
Total votes: 24744

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