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How fortunate to have a partner who can make you dream so that it feels like a Holiday. But Dream, like Reality, often have a few surprises in store....


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About Me

I'm Nicola Pascucci, I was born in 1992 in Italy and my hometown is Pesaro.
I'm a student of Film ad Media at the University of Bologna called DAMS.
The big step of my student career happened in Erasmus in Copenhagen; I've been studying there for 10 months and I had the opportunity to discover a brand new world in the field of Filmmaking, that pushed me to be always competent on what I was thinking, planning, and doing.

In the last two months of my Erasmus period I decided to take all my courage to start something by my own, so I worked hard to find a film crew in which I would have been the leader for the very first time!
I really feel proud of this work because it is my very first project as a Writer, Director and Editor and I think I learnt a lot about this different aspects of Filmmaking.

But what makes me even more glad, is the fact that I found great people that helped me a lot to make the project come true; people which I'm looking forward to work with again, especially because I'm planning to make a brand new project with the same crew and make a short film connected to the one that I'm presenting!

About Vacanza

The Concept of the short film project “Vacanza” was simple and clear:

- Take pictures of different locations in which the characters will be an element on the composition of the frame

- Make the characters doing always the same actions - Make the locations switch at music tempo.

The Idea for this Concept and for the plot of the Dream Sequence was born by the Song:
“Vacanze Romane” by Barely Awake, a band from my hometown.

The Mood of this song immediately reminded a nice felling like a holiday and at the same time I could smell an air of Romance that I expressed in the love story of the two Characters.
Ones I wrote the story, I studied the structure of the song and I realized that I would have need 16 Locations, divided in 8 Locations in which main character would have

been static (static Locations), and 8 locations in which the main character would have been dynamic (Moving Locations).
Another very important part of the story for me was the meeting of the two characters, and I really couldn’t imagine it without the world rapidly moving in circles around them, so I decided to make the so called Hyperlapse sequence for the hugging scene.

That sequence has been surely the most difficult and tiring one for the Actors and the Cinematographer and in my opinion it express all their determination and sense of sacrifice, something that every good Actor or Cinematographer should have!

I wanted to make this short film in Italian language because I thought that it would have given me a stronger attribution of Authorship and also because I think that this fact gives to the product a little bit more value, since I made it in a Foreign Country; by the way I already knew that all the cast would have been fine with this choice, because apparently Italian language is loved by everyone

anyway if you want to check the presentation I made to find the film crew please go here:
I posted this presentation some in Copenhagen Facebook pages such as “find Dit Film Crew”

For any other question regarding the short film, please feel free to contact me on

Thank you very much.

Nicola Pascucci 


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I'm Nicola Pascucci, I'm a student of Film and Media at the University of Bologna, but I made this short film by my own when I was in Erasmus at the Univeristy of Copenhagen. Both of the Universities have nothing to do with the Product, since it was not for any Exam, but I am a Student.

Completion Date: August 28th, 2015

Shooting Format: Digital

aspect ratio: 2.35 1

Film Color: Yes

First-time Filmaker: Yes

Directed by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Writing credits: 
Nicola Pascucci
Rasmus Hougaard Maria Fritsche Shahbaz Sarwar
Produced by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Music by: 
Barely Awake
Cinematography by: 
Màrton Kis
Film Editing by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Casting by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Art Direction by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Costume Design by: 
Nicola Pascucci
Other crew: 
Norbert Gògi Birò
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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