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Unknown Land


The Arab Spring, Yemen 2011. The revolution continues. It’s the monsoon season and life goes on smoothly for the inhabitants of Socotra Island.
Not far from land, a sailing boat bearing an Israeli flag sinks and the search for survivors begins. A castaway is washed ashore a secluded beach.
On the other side of the island, a native dreams of the castaway seeking his help. Τhis adventure begins through the castaway’s body, a man who in the sinking of his life sees for the first time a chance to know gratefulness, to be reborn. Will he overthrow destiny? Will he get back alive?

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Genre: Spiritual – Political Drama

Countries: Greece / Cyprus / Yemen

Year: 2012

Filming Locations: Yemen / Israel



"Unknown Land" is Manuel de Coco’s first feature film and its budget was 25.000 euros

The movie has been filmed with non actors who had no knowledge of the script but only the film’s general idea.

Shootings took place in Yemen (Socotra Island) during the Arab Spring and in Israel.

It is the first feature film which has been filmed in Socotra. This isolated island has been described as the most alien landscape on earth.  According to the latest research, more than one-third of the approximately 800 plants on the island are unique and can be found nowhere else on earth. Socotra has been recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

It is the first feature film that has been banned  both in the Arab world and  Israel.

One year after the film’s world premiere, Shaiya Salem – who is acting the Muslim who tries to save the castaway – has been missing at a shipwreck in Socotra Island.


Starring: Manos Kokoromitis / Shaiya Salem / Daniel Plackett

Production Design: Stefanos Katselis

Sound Design: Sotiris Laskaris

Editor & Music Composer: Chris Bailar

Cinematographer: Jim Roth

Executive Producer: Babis Bizas

Producers: Manos Kokoromitis / Katia Pantazi

Written & Directed by: Manuel de Coco








Screenings / Awards: 

2012 New Horizon International Independent Filmmakers' Festival

Winner - Best Feature Film Award "A world towards sustained justice"


2012 Baghdad International Film Festival

Nominated – First Prize


2012 Cairo International Film Festival

Nominated - Tahrir Square Prize


2012 Delhi International Film Festival

Nominated - Best Feature Film Award


2013 International Oriental Film Festival in Geneva /FIFOG

Winner - Supporting Mention for the censorship the film has endured

Nominated - FIFOG d’or


2013 Andrei Tarkovsky "Zerkalo" International Film Festival

Official Selection "Tarkovsky Context"


2013 Cologne Conference International Film & TV Festival

Nominated - TV Spielfilm Prize


2013 Petaluma International Film Festival

Official Selection


2013 Cyprus International Film Festival

Winner - Best Director Award

Nominated – Best Cinematography


2013 São Paulo International Film Festival

Official Selection "International Perspective"


2013 Transaharian International Film Festival in Zagora

Nominated - Special Jury Prize


2013 Peloponnesian International Film Festival

Nominated - Best Director

                    - Best Cinematography

                    - Best Music Score

2013 Sofia Middle East & North Africa Region Film Festival

Official Selection


2014 Gothenburg Independent Film Festival

Winner - Best Director Peace Award

Nominated - Best Feature Film Peace Award

                     - Film for Peace Award


2014 Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona - New York City - Paris

Nominated - Best Feature Film  Award

                     - Amnesty International Award

                     - Survival International Award


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