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The Trust Game


With equal parts sarcasm and intensive-scrutiny, 'The Trust Game'— a 10-part series— began as an attempt revisit the secretive creation of America's central bank, but unwound into four centuries of intrigue – starting with a revolution against absolute control. Now a new phase of revolution is underway— with ramifications and possibilities we are only just beginning to understand. Cryptocurrencies have the power to shape our collective energies, and even direct who we are. And the build-up to this is quite telling. --------------------------------- Series Description: 'The Trust Game' – (Released October 2021) Run-time Notes: Episode 1 -- 46min (primary submission) All-10 Episodes - 10h 52min total runtime Major changes have occurred; major changes are underway — from colonial expansion, to the creation of the Federal Reserve, up to our volatile age of cryptocurrency and digital authorization. Yet some things remain surprisingly the same – this is a system dependent upon confidence, belief, and ultimately... trust. This intriguing and cynical 10-Episode Limited Series follows an intricate path over four centuries connecting the flow of modern society with the advent of the central bank. Their curious currencies operate on an age old formula of power derived from the flow of energy. SERIES EPISODE GUIDE: Episode 1: “Crowns and Sovereigns” (46min) [IN SUBMISSION, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION]: Divesting from absolute monarchy, people reinvest their trust in a new power. Episode 2: “Of Liberty, Lenders and Renters” As liberty changed hands in the new world, its price in freedom weighed heavily. Episode 3: “Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation...” What is torn asunder during the Civil War is soon rebuilt under powerful titans, while repeated panics drive hysterical populations into the arms of a new central bank. Episode 4: “Dr. Jekyll Delivers Mr. Fed” The secretive scheme for the newly born central bank was a means to an end, for nine months later would come the Great War... creating a global superpower operating under the reigns of those who conceived it. Episode 5: “Who Holds the Gold Makes the Rules” In the tumultuous 1920s-30s, depression set in; FDR seized power and gold; bank functions were nationalized; dollars rebuilt Europe; and the stage set for the next world war. Episode 6: “One World or None” Major central bank gold transfers precipitate WWII, fueling tragedy and destruction, while cataclysm re-emerges as a world ordered and denominated in dollars. Exit gold. Episode 7: “Voodoo Volckernomics & the Inflationary Dragon” People suffer under high interest rates, as Fed Chair Paul Volcker fights inflation; meanwhile, hints of a “Phoenix” global currency emerge as exuberant markets crack, and a "plunge protection team" works secretly to prop them up. Episode 8: “Gambling with Other People's Money” A deregulated derivatives market looms over the globalization era, making the next crisis inevitable. The tech bubble, terrorism, war and fraud foretell the demise of the dollar. Episode 9: “Global Financial Crisis — Reaction — Solution” Behind the looming housing crisis and ensuing global contagion were attempts to empower the Federal Reserve with enormous and almost unfathomable controls over the economy. Episode 10: “One Ring to Rule Them All” The system tends towards consolidation. Digital currency emerges, and a choice becomes evident: a coin that represents absolute control minted by a central authority, or a decentralized coin whose value is volatile, even manipulated, and increasingly pressured to be domesticated. ----- Promo/Trailer- 'The Trust Game' [A Limited Series]: - - - - - - - Trailer – 'Trust Game' Intro: The 'Trust Game' is one of confidence, of trust, of belief. What do you believe?

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Directors: Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes Writers: Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes Producers: Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes Key cast: Aaron Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Toby Melton, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes, Aaron Dykes, Amy Bloom, CL Neal, Miahleif, James Scott, Jimmy Hudson, Alfonso Giansa, Golden Tones, Tim Wells, CL Neal, JK Voiceoverguy, Pastor Will Rice, Dunique1, Thom Roberts, Heirwavman, VO Star, Boswell Boy, Tracyt317, Applets2, Joseph Walters, Voelkerized

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Student project: No Completion date: 2021-10-09 Shooting format: Digital, Mixed Media, Archival Aspect ratio: Film color: Black & White and Color First-time filmmaker: No

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