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Timeless Guilt


Timeless Guilt is a suspense - When a father (Darnell Williams) is walking home with his daughter, he witness two men kidnapping a little girl. As he shouts 'What's going on' a kidnapper recognizes Darnell and threatens him and his daughter. Days later two detectives question Darnell about the Kidnapping. Concerned about his own daughter's safety he did not inform the detectives of his knowledge on the kidnapping. Coming home one day Darnell turns on the News. The reporter reports the missing girl has be found dead. Living with the guilt for years Darnell finally gets back on track, falls in love and goes on with life, but his guilt and what he did not do will eventually catch up to him and his love ones




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Etson Engley
Writers: Etson Engley
Producers: Etson Engley
Key cast: Etson Engley

Total votes: 157

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