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Strange Strangers


Five women arrive in Italy from different countries: Sihem (Tunisia), Radi (Bulgaria), Sonia (China), Ana (Croatia) and Ljuba (Serbia). They arrived in Italy in search of love, work, freedom, sometimes by fate. They came to Italy with one life and exchanged it for another, each of them creating their own businesses. Their experiences cross and give life to a story about what it means to find a new identity.
While their individual stories are different, they each share the experience of being strangers in a strange land.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Elisa Amoruso
Writers: Elisa Amoruso, Maria Antonietta Mariani
Producers: Costanza Coldagelli
Key cast: Radoslava Petrova, Sihem Zrelli, Ana Laznibat, Ljuba Jovicevic, Fenxia “Sonia” Zhou

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