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Self and Others


A queer reordering of cinematic gestures, Self and Others is a study of the visual language of sexual fluidity as captured through the lens of film history. Comprised of clips selected from the Golden Age of Hollywood, some made during the Hays Code in America, Self and Others is a formal experiment with queer visual language. 

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Completed on the tenth anniversary of the publication of an inflammatory and phobic editorial “Gay, Straight, or Lying?” in The New York Times in 2005, Self and Others is a formal study of some of the earliest modern visual signs of bisexual cultures, and its complex structure for recognition. In March 2017, the mainstream television channel ABC Family presented a 4-episode LGBT history mini series, When We Rise. Throughout the eight hours of the series, and despite denial by gay director Dustin Lance Black, the words ‘bisexual’ or ‘bisexuality’ was not heard once throughout the entire series. The history of gay, lesbian, and bisexual alliance and cooperation in the early days of the LGBT movement was completely erased. Attraction to more than one gender continues being a contested space, making bisexuality an identity that “complicates the narrative.” Whose narrative?


Screenings / Awards: 

2017    Art Video International Film Festival, Cannes, Jury Prize: Second Place

Directed by: 
Patricia Silva
Writing credits: 
Produced by: 
Patricia Silva
Music by: 
Qubodup Timbre The Red Shore
Film Editing by: 
Patricia Silva
Art Direction by: 
Patricia Silva
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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