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Remember Us


'Remember Us' is a story of Winston Myers, an overthrown monarch, whose memories get wiped. As Winston has less and less to hold onto, his friend, Richard Spector, must persuade him to surrender the most precious memories to save Winston's life from the agents of the revolution. 

'Who controls the past controls the future', George Orwell said in '1984', but what sort of power a man has if he can manipulate the very essence of past - the memories? If the memories go, what will be left of us?


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Mikhail Saburov Writers: Mikhail Saburov Producers: Matt Hoff, Diego Cordero, Dharius Zulkefli Key cast: Erich Rausch, James Kautz

Screenings / Awards: 

Presented at "Marche du Film, Cannes Film Festival" as a part of NWC films line-up.

Available on «Amazon prime» in UK, US, Germany and Japan.

Achievements: Best Director (nomination), Best Short Film (nomination) – New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) 2016. Official selection: "NewFilmmakers NY" 2015, "EuroFest" European International Film Festival 2015.

Directed by: 
Mikhail Saburov
Writing credits: 
Mikhail Saburov
Erich Rausch, James Kautz, Lynn-Marie Stetson, Benjamin Cole, Julia Falcao, Christopher Stephen
Produced by: 
Matt Hoff, Mikhail Saburov, Diego Cordero, Dharius Zulkefli
Music by: 
Eugene A. Borisenko
Cinematography by: 
Diego Cordero
Film Editing by: 
Mikhail Saburov
Casting by: 
Alex Wagner
Production Design by: 
Patricia Jamandre
Set Decoration by: 
Miwa Sakulrat
Costume Design by: 
Miwa Sakulrat
Makeup Department: 
Katie Grammes
Production Management: 
Greg Torres
Release Date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2015
Total votes: 2320

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