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Paper Boats


A cheerful little girl makes origami in the harbor while another girl is taken away by her family on the opposite dock. Over the years, a paper boat could unite the girls or separate them forever.

Directed by: 
Micky Flexas
Writing credits: 
Albert Flexas
Emma Carou, Ona Malagrava, Aina Company, Ariadna Monjoli Margarita Forteza, Pep Malagrava, Nil Malagrava, Iraïs Seguí, Víctor Shevchenko
Produced by: 
Marga Flexas
Music by: 
Micky Flexas
Art Direction by: 
Gaby de Oliveira
Other crew: 
Alejandro García, Jiúlia de Oliveira, Adri de Oliveira
Release Date: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018
Official website:
Total votes: 1407