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A Videopoem written and directed by Nikolas Grasso. 
Narrator: Woodlehh

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

We were once used to candle light,
handwriting was surely something right,
but we had to wait to get a reply
days, months, even years some time.

Technology has helped us along the way,
we got new cellphones, we got e-mails.
We can talk to each other at 10.000 miles distance,
nothing can stop us, it’s all in our fingers.

More and more people stand up for their rights,
they share it with the world to stop all the fights.
Their voices are heard by millions of people, 
some of them care, others hide behind their ego.

It’s fair to say there are no more limits, 
it’s up to us to make good use of our human feelings.

Screenings / Awards: 

Best 1 minute short film at the Transilvania International Film Festival

Directed by: 
Nikolas Grasso
Writing credits: 
Nikolas Grasso
Nikolas Grasso
Produced by: 
Nikolas Grasso
Release Date: 
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Total votes: 10464