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Syrian refugees through Greece, brought up the memory of the refugee crisis Hellenism has lived after the Asian Minor Catastrophy of 1922, where thousands of Greeks of Asia Minor, found refuge in Syria until they were moved to Greece. Europe finds itself for the first time in a problem of this scale, which no else time had experience of a mass refugee current, a fact that creates dangerous fear syndromes all over, in all countries. Will European Humanism surpass Islamic conservatism which has not yet reached neoterism?A movie which amidst the poetic course of civilizations, human testimonies of refugees and volunteers of different ethnicities and countries tries to exhibit and understand the relation of historic events between the refugee problem as Greece went through it in 1923 and as it is coping it nowadays and the historic depth between West and East exhibiting the problem internationally.The agonizing journey of these people, have a common component of the fear of death, the agony of existence and survival. The documentary begins with a poem of an unknown Syrian poet, Bashir Al 'Any, who was killed with his son by ISIS, a tribute for this tragic sacrifice …The poetry of major Arab poets, Darwish, Iranians, Saanti, Faryand etc. gives the homeland loss emphasis haunt the world of the East from the past as today.

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Directors: Flora Prisimintzi
Writers: Flora Prisimintzi
Key cast:


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Student project: No
Completion date: 04/30/2017
Shooting format: HDV
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 1127