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For Mum Who Made Me Sad


A little boy. A depressed mother. The ghost of a little girl. 
How can you comfort someone you love?

Information for the Audience: 

For Mum Who Made Me Sad was made on a budget of about 500€ which was used for location and small lighting package.

It was made by Natascha Zink as an entrance film for the University of Televsion and Film (HFF) in Munich Germany to study Directing.  She was successful in her submission and has now begun studying film full time in a 4 year course.  This was Nataschas 2nd short film after making 'Nostalgia' in 2015 which was screened at several film festivals around the world. 

Natascha found difficulty in casting the boy role played by Lukas Wörner as no boys were willing to wear a dress for the role.  For Lukas though it was no problem who shone in the role.  Before the role Lukas was rejected by several acting agencies due to his look but since then had multiple offers from agencies and been invited to several castings in major roles for German Cinema.

Screenings / Awards: 

Girls Go Movie Best Film 2nd Place 2016

Visionale Frankfurt 2016 Official Selection

Girls Go Movie 2016 Official Selection

Nida Short Film Festival 2016


Directed by: 
Natascha Zink
Writing credits: 
Natascha Zink
Lukas Wörner Alexandra Wenzel
Produced by: 
Nicholas Jackson, Natascha Zink
Music by: 
Olivia Davies
Cinematography by: 
Nicholas Jackson
Film Editing by: 
Nicholas Jackson
Costume Design by: 
Judith Pieper
Makeup Department: 
Jeanette Schneider
Other crew: 
Lukas Hall - Camera Assistant Angelo Hopfer - Sound Recordist
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 9, 2016
Total votes: 9340