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Lunchtime is Over


An office rivalry as old as time comes to a enthusiastic head when middle management decides that the men in the warehouse need to get back to work.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Bruce Nachsin
Writers: Bruce Nachsin, Gilbert Feliciano, Thekla Hutyrova, Katie O'Donovan
Producers: Bruce Nachsin, Gilbert Feliciano
Key cast: Bruce Nachsin, Gilbert Feliciano, Talin Chat, Reuben Lee, Graham Hooper, Randy Mulkey, Bill Ferris, Gabriel Fiorindo Bellotti, Marine Madesclaire, Jeff Karr

Information for theatres: 

Student project: No
Completion date: 2019-01-27
Shooting format: Digital
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 516