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The Los Angeles Diaries


Based on the popular memoir of the same name, THE LOS ANGELES DIARIES is an intimate, dark and ultimately hopeful, true story of novelist James Brown's dysfunctional family and rollercoaster tragic life in the face of rampant and unrelenting drug and alcohol addiction. Through the loss of his brother - an up and coming actor and his sister (9 years sober at the time) - both to suicide - Jim must address personal demons, the grip of his own 30 plus years of addiction, failure, heart break and loss. Darkly tragic but also filled with humor, pathos and hope, The Los Angeles Diaries follows nearly 4 decades of our protagonist life as he must learn through his own trial and error that he must change or die.



Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Jude Gerard Prest
Writers: Jude Gerard Prest
Producers: Jude Gerard Prest
Key cast:

Total votes: 98

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