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In the magic forest it is dark and cold; the fog so thick that not a single ray of sunlight shines through. The plants are withered and the lakes frozen, with nothing stirring anymore. A lone girl and a deer are wandering through this icy landscape. What are they looking for? We created a fantastical world as backdrop for a tale as fascinating and enigmatic as a dream, in atmospheric water color.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

This is a short animation which took quite a long time to make. Despite of having successes as a project, we couldn't find full budget for production, but with support of "20 Steps Productions" my debut animated short "Li.Le" came to live. It was an honor that Berlinale Film Festival suggested it's premiere in Generation Kplus section, now, we are looking for more interesting festivals who will love to include "Li.Le" in their official program.

Screenings / Awards: 

Berlinale Generation Kplus Competition (Official Selection)     2017

Directed by: 
Natia Nikolashvili
Writing credits: 
Natia Nikolashvili
Lile Voice - Tinatin Babakishvili
Produced by: 
Vladimer Katcharava
Film Editing by: 
Nikoloz Ghoghoberidze
Art Direction by: 
Natia Nikolashvili
Production Management: 
Alexander Katamashvili
Other crew: 
Sound Design - Beso Kacharava
Release Date: 
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Official website:
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