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Kung Fu Redemption


LI (Kevin Ta) a Shaolin Monk trained from an early age in China becomes a Kung Fu instructor to a business tycoon in England, who is revealed as a powerful Triad boss. Duty bound to protect his employer he is forced to choose between the underworld he has been sucked into and the purity of Shaolin.......

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Directors: Kevin Ta, Ben Lettieri 

Writer:Kevin TA

Producers: Kevin Ta, Ashley Love, Nhat Linh Ta, Clarena Ta, Kate-Marie Jacques

Cast: Kevin Ta, Daniel Doctzan, Daniel Ilabaca, Ashley love, Martin Wan, Jim Key, Lawrence Nicklin, Ted Duran


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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-12-22 Shooting format: Black magic pocket and Canon 5D Aspect ratio: 1.333 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 5221