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Kim is a very special and colourful man. A man who live his life through his big interest for knitting and especially his sexuality. He was born 3 month earlier, and has been handicapped his whole life. Today, an electric wheelchair is his best knitting friend and several times a year, he decorates the whole chair, by knitting on to it. We follow him for a year, and tries to find out if it's all fun and knitting, or does he hide something behind the colourful facade. Watch his own inspiring story. A story of a man you've never met before!



Information for theatres: 

Title Spanish: "-0"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: "-0"
Тitle German: "-0"
Тitle Portuguese: "-0"
Subtitles: English
Recording format: 1080p
Projection format: Digital File
Screen format: 16/9
Colour: Color
Sound: Rune Buch
Script: Rune Buch, Søren Jørgensen
Art: Søren Jørgensen
Editing: Rune Buch
Animation: None
Music: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena, Bird Creek, The Green Orbs, Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Production, ALBIS, Silent Partner, Riot
Casting: Kim Vegge Pedersen Lena Holmberg Dan Hansen
Sound editing: Rune Buch
Post production: Yellows
Selections: "None"
Awards: None

Total votes: 3531