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Five stories of living and dying told by people who went through an experience of suicide so shockingly common among the post-Soviet Mongolians, a North Asian nation of just about 3 million, caught up in the clash of values and identities in a cruel, gruesome and lengthy transition of mindsets demanded by the new social order, reveal the turmoil not only in an individual self-awareness but in the larger society in this bluntly corrupt and impoverished “democracy”. A jobless young rural migrant, rejected by his girlfriend as too poor to be with and indeed too poor to afford being himself hence being happy; a quiet janitor in a typical Mongolian village centre drowning herself in a devouring guilt of losing her son due to being too small to protect him from mounting domestic violence and rejection; a rural school teacher, searching for answers when her world turned upside down in a fraction of a second; a former socialist times arts club manager, turned into a homeless alcoholic and outcast up until he found refuge for his soul in an Evangelical Church were people at least greet him; a run-away teenager with slashed wrists dreaming of a good husband and of leveraging the lives of her five siblings surrounded by violence and drinking –all of these people address their human selves and the common humanity to find a reason to continue living and they succeed by finding, each in one’s own way, the primary inner force that turns the wheel of living -- love.

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Directors: Nomin Lkhagvasuren
Key cast:


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Student project: No
Completion date: 07/09/2016
Shooting format: HDV
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Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 374