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Jo é Pu


A young woman burns spoons while a solitary man wallows in poetry. Both discover that horror has the face of an angel. For her, it’s aluminum, smoke and orgasms. For him, ten razor blades slicing a lung. This is a broken accordion. This is Jo é Pu.

Eva is filled with existential emptiness, on a mad spin around a world that is choking her; a journey that seems to be her only way out.  Hypersensitive Javier has nothing in common with Eva, except that they both navigate the same treacherous precipice. They cross paths with strange characters who bring deeply buried parts of themselves to the surface; encounters that challenge them and leave a scar. Are love and freedom a delusion? Or just empty words that chance upon meaning?


English subtitle: 
Directed by: 
Roberto Barbery Mier
Writing credits: 
Roberto Barbery Mier
Eva- Eva Carmen Jarriau Javier- Braian Gabriel Calvo Lenguas- Pedro Jerez Caliche- Evan Leed Rata- Caro Villa
Produced by: 
Cinenómada Fisura Pictures Locomotive Pictures
Music by: 
Chicho Scillone (La Vero) DunJin (LigeiaWrites, Conqueror Worm, Blood Red Thing, The Tragedy Man)
Cinematography by: 
Alejo Maglio
Film Editing by: 
Andrés Bartos Amory
Art Direction by: 
Aldana Ríos
Costume Design by: 
Andrea Mineko Camila Colombo
Makeup Department: 
Evangelina Paraíso
Production Management: 
Jorgelina Aguirre
Total votes: 2103