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The Harpoon


For over 2000 years in Sicily survives the extraordinary swordfish hunt with the harpoon.
Nino is one of the best hunters of the Strait. His son Giuseppe is old enough to grasp the harpoon, but he is unsure whether he is able to kill and seize the legacy of this millennial hunting tradition.
Giuseppe, a nature lover, is majoring in marine biology at the University. For a young fisherman, killing the swordfish with harpoon is an initiation rite,
but Giuseppe is torn between the meaning of an ancestral tradition, and the ethic values of life and nature protection.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Marco Leopardi

Writers: Marco Leopardi, Alessandro D'Alessandro

Producers: Diego D'Innocenzo

Key cast: Giuseppe Donato, Nino Donato


Director: Marco Leopardi

Marco Leopardi was born in Rome on 10/5/1961. He studied photography at European Institute of Design in Rome. Since the beginnings of his activity he has mainly focused its experience on natural, environmental, social and anthropological documentaries, carrying the direction, the photography and the authorial aspects. His documentaries have been broadcast by RAI (the main Italian television network), NDR, ARTE, YLE, National Geographic channel, Al Jazeera and many others. Some documentaries that have won awards were: 
Il falco delle vespe 1996, Ancora Chernobyl 1999, L’impronta del Treja 2000, The last knights 2001, A little corner of Tibet 2003, The Marathon Runner 2005, Beyond the barrier 2006, Living in a perfect world 2006, Hair India 2008, The last dance 2008, The right path 2009, Pitrè stories 2011, Mohamed and the fisherman 2012, Store a drops 2013.


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