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Good People


Riley, a young transient with an abusive past, strives for companionship. Jason, her ex-boyfriend, reaches out to Riley when he and his wife can't conceive. They sleep together, and Riley gets pregnant. Stuck in an abusive relationship with her current girlfriend Desiree, Riley pursues Jason to have the family he's always wanted. 'Good People' is a story of desperation and self-preservation, where lies are the currency of happiness.

Information for the Audience: 





Directed by: Michael Flax

Produced by: Tricia McLeod

Written by: Tanner Sawatzky

Cinematography by: Patrick Holmes

Edited by: Michael Soppit

Production Design  by: Nicole Siddles

Music composed by: Simon Poole

Audio Design by: Sijia (Scarlet) Liu


Introducing Melanie Evelyn as Riley

Jonelle Gunderson as Desiree

Alex Loubert as Jason



Screenings / Awards: 

Screened at Young Filmmakers NY 2017 on January 18, 2017.



Directed by: 
Michael Flax
Writing credits: 
Tanner Sawatzky
Riley - Melanie Evelyn Desiree - Jonelle Gunderson Jason - Alex Loubert
Produced by: 
Tricia McLeod
Music by: 
Simon Poole
Cinematography by: 
Patrick Holmes
Film Editing by: 
Mike Soppit
Production Design by: 
Nicole Siddles
Makeup Department: 
Jordynne Hatton
Production Management: 
Omar Siddiqui
Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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