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The Forest


A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand. He has just left the monkhood and has taken a job at the local school in a quest to discover life outside the monastery. He finds that one of his pupils is a mute girl who is being bullied by the other children in the class.Both the teacher and the girl must face the challenges and cruelties of the real world. The girl retreats into a fantasy world, finding solace in the forest with a strange wild boy.The teacher struggles to bring her back, whilst at the same time himself questioning the world of reality.The worlds of fantasy and reality clash with tragic consequences.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Paul Spurrier
Writers: Paul Spurrier
Producers: Peter Green
Key cast: Asanee Suwan,Wannasa Wintawong,Tanapol Kamkunkam,Vithaya Pansringarm,Pongsanart Vinsiri,Thidarat Kongkaew,Natpatson Lhakkum,Ramphai Wintawong

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